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Photo: Hulk Hogan tweets a picture of Brooke’s legs

Hulk Hogan tweeted a picture of Brooke’s legs with the simple caption of “Brooke’s legs” today.

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  1. Joey says:

    Translation: If I was 25 years younger, I would plow he hell outta my daughter.

    Good to see Hulkster still has a thing for her

  2. cp says:

    Eww she’s looks-a likea man!

  3. J-Ro says:

    As if he couldn’t just leave the incestual crap alone.

  4. Michael Hirn says:

    Am I the only one who finds their relationship creepy?

  5. Ostego says:

    Hogan is acting like a pervy creep. I mean, come on man, that’s your daughter.

  6. -J- says:

    somebody has a stalker…BROTHER!

  7. Science & Violence says:

    Hey yo Brooke dude! Hulk’s got ya back, jack!

  8. Hipnosis says:

    Hey Brother. Look at Brooke’s LEGS Brother!

  9. KiLLewskitt says:

    Papi perv..

  10. VDT says:

    I retweeted saying its a bit creepy!

  11. cas says:

    first the wardrobe malfunction, now the legs. playboy has to be next!!

  12. kent says:

    hot damn look at her legss

  13. JD Storm says:

    Hogan’s one step away from an act of incest.

  14. DBRude says:

    …the Hell?

  15. Beatnik says:

    Can you imagine being some guy sitting next to Hulk, in some random cafe somewhere?

    Hulk: “Hey brother, check out those legs…”
    You: “Daaamn… Those are NICE…”
    Hulk: “Yeah, you’re telling me brother…”
    You: “Who is she?!”
    Hulk: “Her name’s Brooke. She’s my daughter. Mhmm…”
    You: o_O

  16. Fisha695 says:

    If she was my daughter I’d plow her #NoShame

  17. jj fact says:

    He has had issues in the past with her exposing herself too much. Yet has no problem showing her off to world himself. I am pretty sure they are the father and daughter that do that weird peck on the lips before saying goodbye.

  18. raven12516 says:

    So taking a photo of your daughter wearing short shorts makes you a perv?

  19. Fisha695 says:

    It’s not the photo it’s the text he put with it “Brooke’s Legs” which since the apostrophe is before the ‘S’ reads as “Brooke is Legs”.

  20. deathedge says:

    Hulk Hogan: A proud endorser of incestual relationships since 1988…

  21. Rex Anderson says:

    Smh, thats just nasty

  22. Phoenix Phil says:

    Am i alone in thinking that we are a few months or a year away from a Hulk Hogan/Brooke Hogan sextape poppin up? Hell it makes you wonder if Linda and Nick have anything going on…o_0

  23. simplyme1111 says:

    Fisha659, apparently you never took third grade English because the only way a S goes before an apostrophe is if the noun is plural (excluding names ending in s such as Darius which isn’t plural) such as the boys’ homes, puppies’ bones, etc… the S goes after the apostrophe is if the word is singular such as boy’s toys or Laura’s nose.
    Hogan is gross

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