Notes from the WCW Panel discussion: NWO, politics, Steiner, more

Jan 27, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Today’s WCW Panel included X-Pac, Kevin Nash, Big Show and Booker T.

– Show says his first match with Hogan in WCW was a one match deal. Brave move by WCW putting him in that match.

– XPac says he was travelling with Luger in WWE before he jumped ship to WCW and had no idea.

– Show says guys in WCW weren’t hungry, were very comfortable and easy going. NWO upped the intensity.

– Show says Scott Hall first introduced himself to him by saying “Hey Im Scott Hall, make sure to tuck your chin”, pissed him off

– Nash shrugged when NWO idea was presented to him, it happened before in Japan. Hogan made it over the top.

– Nash says the original idea was to have Sting turn and join NWO, but Hogan convinced the right people to make it him instead.

– WCW wanted to sell Outsider shirts. Nash: “if we are invading why would you print shirts?” Sold them bootleg in parking lots.

– Booker says WCW really didn’t know what they had with nWo until fans reacted – “slipped on a banana peel”

– Show – WCW was a place where people got paid and retired, shook hands real light, like a boys club

– Booker says NWO was very close to “killing the business” with their backstage politics

– Initially, Show was making 225,000/year. Nash: “we got you bumped up eventually”. Show: “yeah, when I left!”

– Show felt no incentive to work harder – made same money working every main event while Lanny Poffo made more to sit at home.

– Nash didnt like working with Golderg. Lots of potatoes. XPac says Goldberg initially wanted to call himself “The Hybrid”.

– Booker didn’t like working Finlay. You’d plan out spots then get to ring and he’d just beat you up.

– Show didn’t like working Loch Ness. He didnt have any chemistry what so ever with him. Guy just couldn’t move anymore

– Nash talks DX invasion from WCW side. They were behind garage door ordering for it to be raised, were told no.

– Booker – some guys were suing WCW for racial discrimination, Booker declined being part – “those guys couldn’t work”

– Panel asked about how dangerous Scott Steiner was in ring. They said Rick was more dangerous

– Xpac: Rick once pulled a gun on me as a rib, pulled trigger, blank bullet. “Scared sh@t out of me”.

full credit: Arda Ocal

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