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Triple H and HBK discuss the origin of the DX crotch chop, Presidental Address promo, more

Notes from Saturday’s DX panel discuss:

– HHH says that Lex Luger coined the name “The Kliq”

– The “presidential address” promo was in response to an actual letter sent by USA network with those exact demands.

– HHH/HBK show “best of Michael Cole being picked on by DX” video. Say in that shower promo Rick Rude actually beat Cole with a shoe.

– Origin of DX crotch chop – in Europe, kliq used a generalized term to tell someone off (point to crotch) and morphed from there

– HHH tried to talk HBK out of attending the WM14 post event press conference but he didn’t listen, went on a tirade and quit.

– HHH said there was an idea after Mr. Perfect left him for WCW for Honky Tonk Man to be paired with him. He didnt like that idea.

Full credit: Arda Ocal

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