More DX Panel notes: Kliq in HOF?, Chyna, WCW invasion, Russo, more

Jan 26, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

The DX panel discussion including Shawn Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn. Here are a few notes:

– HHH says X-Pac complained about the DX Nation parody calling it “stupid” all day, didn’t want to be Mark Henry. But loved it after.

– Re: DX invades WCW: Vince upset Nitro starts hour earlier, HHH: “I wish we could crash a tank into their show”, Vince Russo: “we could!”

– HHH says in hindsight during the WCW invasion segment they would have tried to get into the building first.

– HHH said it was hard not to laugh during Nation parody. Had no idea Road Dogg would imitate D-Lo as good as he did.

– Rest of DX members wanted to keep the group going when HHH decided he wanted to turn heel.

– HHH talking Chyna, saying she was just as integral in DX’s funny moments- like when she got breast implants and DX made it into a segment.

– “She would fart as loud as Billy would. She took so much protein they’d smell as bad too” – Road Dogg on Chyna

– Panel loosely poke fun at Chyna/XPac but then XPac puts her over: “there will never be another one like her”

– HHH re: Kliq in WWE Hall of Fame – “never say never. Maybe”

– HBK says the 4 years away from wrestling (98-02) were the greatest years of his life personally, despite loving the business.

– Road Dogg says other than his brothers being in WCW at the time, he couldn’t have cared less about WCW.

– HHH says Mike Tyson absolutely loved being in DX, loved doing the crotch chop and kept “hugging us all the time”

– HHH informs the crowd that Abraham Lincoln was a pro wrestler… But “he was horrible. He would do jobs.”

– HHH talks about Stephanie – before Vegas wedding angle on RAW, he hasn’t said 10 words to her.

– “Voodoo Kin Mafia” TNA question was asked. Road Dogg says “Russo was writing and we got paid weekly. Bad time in my life, bro!”

full credit: Arda Ocal

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