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Bret and Shawn discuss the Montreal screw job

– Bret: Felt like John Cena does today in mid 90s, people feeling sick of him and looking for next “torch bearer”

– How their heat began: Bret made a big deal about Shawn posing in Playgirl, Shawn wasn’t too happy how far Bret took it.

– Would Bret have brought WWE title to WCW? He says lawsuits stemming from Alundra Blayze incident made that not doable.

– Moment where “it hit the fan”: when first found out about SS97 match – Bret: “I’ll be professional w you” Shawn: “I won’t be the same w you”

– Shawn on Bret’s spit in Vince’s eye: “it was a good shot!” Bret: “I was always a good spitter”

– Despite being at odds at the time, Bret says he and Shawn were friends once upon a time and truly didn’t know at first if he was in on it.

– Shawn wanted to tell Undertaker exactly what happened. Taker walked up to him, shook his hand and said “we’re cool”.

– Bret didn’t “do the honours” for Shawn because Shawn said he wouldn’t put him over. Said if Shawn put him over first, he would have done it.

– Bret: Wrestling With Shadows doc actually wrapped in Sep 97 but needed an ending. Bret suggested his last WWE match.

– Bret: he wanted to take the wire off before closed door meeting with Vince but “Shadows” director told him to keep it on.

full credit: Arda Ocal

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