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WWE ignores Superstar Billy Graham’s request to be removed from hall of fame

From Billy Graham’s Facebook page:

The Superstar was the all king of interviews in Madison Square Garden. Here he is creating “PANDAMONIUM” in Madison Square Garden in this interview with Vince McMahon.

The WWE continues to ignore the Superstars, requests to be taken out of the Hall of Fame due to the induction of Larry “Abdullah The Butcher” Shreve, the Hepatitis C positive wrestler currently facing charges of negligence, assault and battery in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Canada stemming from a career of unprofessional behaviour in professional wrestling matches.

The Butcher never wrestled in Madison Square Garden or for the WWE although the company promotes him on their website at present time.

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  1. Captain Ass says:

    Why the hell does Billy Graham continue to give two sh*ts about who else is in the WWE HOF? Shouldn’t the only thing that matters is that HE got inducted years ago back in the day when he was NOT being bitter? How the mighty have fallen. Superstar is a super whiner, and he should get over it and move on with the little time he has left and NOT be bitter about something he has no control over.

  2. Saint Savage says:

    Well said Captain Ass! He should feel lucky that Vince forgave his P.O.S. ass.

  3. blah says:

    Is Billy Graham turning senile or is he just going crazy like the Ultimate Warrior?

  4. Hipnosis says:

    The WWE Hall of Fame is just a gimmick anyways. I refuse to believe it means something when Pete rose and Drey Carey go in before DAVID ARQUETTE. FORMER WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!! lol

  5. Denis says:

    What does it matter anyway? As long as they call it the WWE Hall of Fame and they induct people who never were in the WWE, WWF or WWWF, then it’s a joke. Call it the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. And if Superstar wants out, his wish should be granted.

  6. Dragon says:

    As much as i hate losing anyone in the world of wrestling, Graham needs to pass for 2 reasons. 1.So we the fans have to stop hearing his ignorant babble(only marks get mad at promos)and more importantly 2.So with his constant babble he doesn’t tarnish his legacy more than he has already.

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