McCool’s Birthday Video: Being a new mother, brunette hair, finished w/ WWE, LayCool Reunion‏

Jan 25, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

As you may know, today is Michelle McCool?s 33rd birthday! Though she
may have been gone from the famous squared circle for a couple of
years now, Michelle has been plenty busy!

In her exclusive second-annual ?Birthday Vlog? for MichelleMcCool.Net,
Michelle ? who is now a brunette (!!!) ? goes on to share the joys of
being a brand new mother to a precious, precious little girl! Michelle
continues to share that while she believes that a return to WWE is no
longer in the cards, a LayCool reunion is in the horizon, as Layla is
set to pay Michelle a visit real soon ? and even teases a future vlog
featuring Layla!

Speaking of old pals, Michelle notes that she recently caught up with
Vickie Guerrero when WWE had a show in Texas, and even picked her up
at the airport. As far as Michelle?s latest venture, she plans to set
up a new foundation with a good friend, particularly one that will
keep kids off the streets and involved with sports.

To the delight of many Faithful Followers, Michelle would also like to
commit to future vlogs ? with the help of her fans! Whether it is a
Q&A session or not, Michelle would like your suggestions!

Also, as an added bonus, off the success of Michelle’s “12 Days of
we are going to release 5 Bonus Divas as part of
MichelleMcCool.Net’s Birthday Celebration! Can you guess who? Check
back this weekend for the big reveal!

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