Hulk Hogan: I fear Brooke will get hurt

Jan 25, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Hulk Hogan: I fear Brooke will get hurt

Hulk Hogan is worried if his daughter Brooke Hogan follows in his footsteps and becomes a wrestler she will get injured and get ”hurt”.

Hulk Hogan worries about his daughter Brooke Hogan getting ”hurt” if she becomes a wrestler.

The grappling legend now stars with the 24-year-old blonde on weekly TV show ‘IMPACT Wrestling’ and although she is heavily involved in the ongoing storyline she is yet to compete in the ring.

Although it’s been great to work with his child on-screen, Hulk, 59, is concerned that Brooke will get injured if she follows in his footsteps.

When asked if he ever thought he’d be working with one of his kids in the wrestling business, Hulk exclusively to BANG Showbiz: ”It’s my worst nightmare! But she’s really good, she’s really good in front of the camera, she’s a really great actress, she has great timing, she’ll take a half a breath and respond instead of having that knee-jerk reaction to what’s going on which is what most wrestlers do. It’s a pleasure working with her on camera, but my greatest fear has always been the evils of this business, and her getting in too deep and becoming full-time and getting hurt. I’d just hate to see that after what I’ve been through. And her passion is still music, she’s a songwriter now and she loves doing that.”

Brooke – whose mother is Hulk’s ex-wife Linda, with whom he also has son Nick, 22 – has wrestled once and even though she was left battered and bruised she got a buzz from the experience.

Hulk – who has had to have multiple back surgeries and hip replacements because of wrestling injuries – can understand why his daughter enjoyed her time in the ring but it doesn’t make him less ”scared” about her safety.

The multi-time world champion said: ”She’s been in the ring one time messing about and she loved it – which scared me to death! I can understand it, it’s very addictive. Part of it is because I’m her father and part of it is that if you do get in the ring and take a few bumps it’s like being addicted to chocolate or drugs, you either like it or you don’t, it’s very addictive and I think she got into the ring and she loved it.

”She’s been asking me about it and I told her, ‘Look Brooke you’re not 18 anymore you’re 24 so do what you want to do.’ If she does do it then it will probably be fun to watch but the business is tough.”

Brooke is currently in the UK with her father for the ‘TNA Road To Lockdown’ tour which hits Manchester today (25.01.13) and London on Saturday (26.01.13) and the shows are being taped for TV.

Some tickets are still left for the tour and are available from or

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