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Smackdown Spoilers

Daniel Bryan & Kane came out. They vowed to beat Rhodes & Sandow and argued with each other. Big Show came out and told Kane and Bryan to get out of the ring. Rhodes & Sandow came out and Sandow asked Show to join them to kicking Kane and Bryan out. Alberto Del Rio came out. The Booker T came out and he announced it would be a six-man elimination match as the main event.

Sheamus b Wade Barrett with the Brogue kick

Natalya b Rosa Mendes with the sharpshooter. Khali, Hornswoggle, Primo and Epico were all at ringside.

C.M. Punk came out for an interview. He talked about how great his title reign was going to be after beating Rock. Heyman brought up that if The Shield interferes, Punk loses the title. Punk asked The Shield to come out. They came out and didn’t attack him. Then Rock came out and laid Punk out with a rock bottom.

Randy Orton b Drew McIntyre via DQ when the other members interfered. Orton laid all three out after the match with RKO’s and draping DDTs.

The Miz b Darren Young with the figure four. Antonio Cesaro was on commentary.

Del Rio & Kane & Bryan beat Show & Sandow & Rhodes. Kane first pinned Sandow. Show threw Kane into the ringpost and Kane was counted out of the ring. Bryan came off the top rope onto Show, who met him with a punch. Bryan rolled out of the ring and was also counted out. This left Del Rio vs. Rhodes & Show. Del Rio used a superkick on Show, who fell out of the ring and was, you guessed it, counted out. This left Del Rio vs. Rhodes with Del Rio winning with an enzuigiri. Show then attacked Del Rio after the match and buried him under the announcers table..

They also taped a backstage angle where somebody attacked and injured Brad Maddox.


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7 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    really, main event 4 people get counted out, lame

  2. killpg says:

    it should have been ziggler that got flairs figure 4

  3. dave says:

    @killpg – it should be whoever Flair chose…The Miz. Grow up

  4. dave says:

    On a side note; how many times do Barrett-Sheamus need to wrestle?

  5. Sinnful says:

    Why are they making Rosa such a jobber, where when she was in OVW she was Womens Champ?!

  6. gerry says:

    Aww man, I like brad maddox

  7. Randy Van Hoose says:

    Finally maddox gets taken out

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