1/23 WWE Main Event Recap

Jan 23, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Recap
January 23, 2013 (Taped January 22, 2013)
Sacramento, CA at the Sleep Train Arena
Commentators: Michael Cole & The Miz

-Main Event open airs, then Michael Cole & The Miz throw it to the Royal Rumble ‘By the Numbers’ video package that airs annually before the Rumble

-Back to Main Event, and Matt Striker welcomes in Ryback. Striker makes a joke that doesn’t amuse Ryback. Ryback vows destruction, then he makes a joke, causing Matt to laugh nervously.

-U.S. champ Antonio Cesaro makes his way out, and we get a graphic for Antonio defending the belt against The Miz on the Royal Rumble pre-show this Sunday. He then insults The Miz on commentary, saying Cesaro’s had two weeks of matches in a row, and The Miz compliments the insult. Cesaro then bashes the US and Ryback, until Ryback’s music interrupts. He marches down to the ring as we go to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and the bell rings, we’re underway!

1. Ryback VS WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro- Non-Title Match
-Cesaro attempts early on to overpower Ryback with a side headlock and some chain wrestling, but doesn’t he know better? Ryback stops all that mess with a headlock of his own, and then pounds Antonio around the ring like a pinball. We go to break quick here, 3:47 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-Before we come back from break, we get a WWEShop.com commercial.

-And the action resumes with Cesaro wearing down Ryback with a Cobra Clutch submission hold on the mat. As you probably guessed, Antonio doesn’t last long with this, as Ryback powers back and pounds Antonio around some more. Finally, Cesaro is clotheslined over the top rope and Cesaro decides to take the countout. However, The Miz gets up from commentary and throws Cesaro back in before that cheap loss goes over. Antonio is visibly upset, but Ryback gets him over it quick by hitting that MEAT-HOOK CLOTHESLINE! This time, Cesaro rolls out on the entrance ramp side of the ring, and successfully runs out this time to the locker room to give Ryback the countout victory.

Winner: Ryback by Countout in 7:23. They didn’t have much time here, but made the most of it, packing in a lot of action in seven minutes, so this match gets 2.5*/5.

-Ryback leads the crowd in a “FEED ME MORE” chant and stands tall.

-Before we go to break, we get a graphic teasing The Shield beating down The Rock on Raw this past Monday being shown when we get back from break.

-BUT WAIT! WWE all over the ads tonight, with an ad airing for the CM Punk/Rock title match at the Rumble featured.

-Back from break and we get an exterior shot of the Sleep Train Arena…I can’t believe I just typed that. What a ridiculous name for a building. That ranks right up there with the KFC Yum! Center in stupidity.

-Anyway, we get to see The Shield mess up The Rock again, with the Rock’s legit internal injuries being the focus.

-Then, we get a graphic for the CM Punk/Rock match at the Rumble, followed by a graphic for the Last Man Standing Match between Alberto Del Rio & The Big Show.

-A replay of the LMS match from Smackdown! airs, showing Del Rio winning the belt.

-Back to Main Event with Matt Striker nervously interviewing The Big Show. No joking here, as Show is all business, saying he’s the only one on Smackdown! worthy of holding the World Heavyweight Championship. Good promo.

-In the arena, The Usos come out and do their tribal dance before heading to the ring. They face Team Rhodes Scholars, the No. 1 Contender’s to the WWE Tag Team Championship, next!

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and here comes Team Rhodes Scholars. They cut a great promo on the way to the ring, showing their cockiness against their competition tonight.

2. The Usos VS Team Rhodes Scholars
-Bell rings, and a lot of stalling from Cody Rhodes to start. Loud “Cody’s Mustache” chants ring out, and would continue to the entire match every time he was the legal man. That mustache is over bigger than The Beatles. Well…maybe not, but still. It becomes a point of mockery for The Usos to use as well. The Usos dominate early on, and push the challengers to the floor for some re-grouping as we go to break 4:47 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-LAST AD BEFORE WE OUT! Royal Rumble ad airs. They’ve got it over strong here, if only they’d use that USA platform for it too…

-Back from break, and The Usos still in control, but not for long, as Rhodes Scholars finally isolate an Uso (still not familiar with which one is which, sorry,) working over his lower back for quite some time. Frequent tag outs with several false hot tags. Fantastic work. FINALLY, the fresh Uso comes in, and he goes CRAZY on Team Rhodes Scholars with chops, clotheslines, elbows, the kitchen sink, an iPod…you get it. A thrust kick to Damien Sandow, and they set up for the SUPERFLY SPLASH, but Cody Rhodes pulls an Uso out, slowing down things long enough for Sandow to jump up and crotch the Uso over the top turnbuckle down to the mat. A quick hook of the leg, and Team Rhodes Scholars get the win!

WINNER: Team Rhodes Scholars in 12:05. This match got more time than the Ryback/Cesaro encounter, and they made good use of it. Good heat segments, good hot crowd as always in Sacramento, give this match a ***/5.

-Team Rhodes Scholars stands tall, as the Intercontinental Cup gets announced for next week’s Main Event. Not much is explained, as time is out!

FINAL THOUGHTS: First of all, I apologize for the lack of play-by-play I usually have in these, as my note recorder malfunctioned during the show without my knowledge, so I had to write this recap while it was fresh on my mind. I promise this show came off STRONG though, with two good matches, buildup for SEVERAL of the matches at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Overall, this show gets ***/5.

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