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WWE teaming with Gay, Lesbian and straight education network

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced on their Facebook that they will be partnering with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network to promote next week’s “No Name Calling Week.”

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  1. Fisha695 says:


    Yeah…. I don’t see how this is gonna work out for the WWE….

  2. VK Wallstreet says:

    Come on, what do waxed, oiled up men who wrestle one another in tight spandex underwear have in common with the gay community?

  3. Bawb says:

    No Name Calling Week lol wtf.
    Who comes up with this crap.

    And why is WWE of all companies supporting it.

    No name calling eh?

    Like Goatface, Cookiepuss, fruity pebbles, hoeski? or how about the times where Cena tried to say Legacy were homosexuals.

    Whoever makes these decisions is an idiot.
    Also whoever came up with no name calling week is an idiot.

  4. Bawb says:

    WWE do the I Want To Break Free video by Queen with their superstars in place of Queen.

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