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Jan 22, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Episode 5

We open the episode proper with Scurll attempting to dictate the finish of he and Spud’s match. Spud doesn’t seem impressed, but goes along with it. Spud and Scurll open the action by tagging against two guys who were only introduced as Constantine & Diamond (I’m not familiar enough with OVW to say who they are). Scurll and Spud argue again at the start of the match, Spud wants to start the match as Marty has called the finish, but Scurll is having none of it. A montage of the match follows in which Scurll seems to get most of the action, though of course it’s impossible to say whether this was due to editing or if it was reality. Spud goes off book and claims the finish for himself, giving Scurll the finger in the process. Backstage, Scurll and Spuf argue in front of Al Snow and Doug Williams who give the pair a bollocking

We cut to the entrance of The Blossom Twins who are going up against Josette Bynum & Taeler Hendrix. Again, a montage of the match follows, nothing particularly special to report. Our girls win using the Blossom Bomb (UK readers may remember this as the move they demonstrated on James Corden on A League Of Their Own). Al Snow commends the girls on their performance, though admits to being ‘weirded out’ by how similar they are.

After the action, our four report to Doug and Al for a debrief. Snow praised Scurll for his entrance, but criticized him for his interactions with the crowd. Williams claimed that Scurll was trying to be too quick in the ring which was leading to the occasional sloppy move. The Blossoms were praised for their progress, but Snow suggested that they were too masculine in their wrestling style and that they should retain their femininity. Williams suggested that they were trying to be two individuals rather than one team (I disagree, but what the hell do I know). He also commented that they were using a few heelish tactics while supposed to be playing faces. Spud was criticised for his actions surrounding the finish of the match, though his charisma and in-ring work were praised.

Despite this, Snow and Williams sent all four through to the next round at the Impact Zone in Orlando. An inset Dixie Carter gives a quick rundown of the next challenge; that the four will wrestle matches against TNA superstars in front of a live Impact crowd (presumably these were dark matches, though I can’t say for certain). This takes us to the ad break

As we return from the break, our four are entering Soundstage 21, also known as The Impact Zone. The four praise the setup, though we viewers are shown precious little. A series of snippets with TNA personalities are shown; Jeff Hardy, Taryn Terrell and Samoa Joe praise Scurll, though Dixie Carter adds that she believes he lacks focus. Hardy, Dixie and Mickie James praise The Blossoms, with Hardy, Joe and Bully Ray also showing support for Spud.

We cut to a series of montages showing the four getting ready for their matches, meeting TNA superstars and chatting via satellite to Rollerball Rocco (their trainer from Episode 2). The episode winds up with Dixie giving the four a little pep talk and annoucing their opponents. The Blossoms will be taking on Gail Kim and Madison Rayne while Scurll and Spud will be facing each other in order to test their professionalism. Scurll seems fairly upbeat and even praises Spud a little, though Spud himself makes no comment.

We close with a montage of TNA superstars predicting the winner of the competition. Brooke Hogan picks The Blossoms, Kurt Angle chooses Spud, Taz picks Scurll, while AJ Styles and Al Snow sit on the fence


Episode 6

This episode opens with (for no obvious reason) a promo from Magnus bigging up the show. Next up, Hogan attempts to follow suit but does a better job of selling himself than the show.

We watch the matches in their entirety with Jeremy Borash and Magnus (suddenly the opening promo makes sense) on commentary. Spud and Scurll are up first, with several TNA personalities shown watching backstage. Spud is out first and makes a fairly impressive if a little slow entrance to Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer. Hogan is shown praising the entrance in a cutaway. Scurll is next out but his entrance looked more ‘Wildman’ than ‘Party’ to me, though Hogan and Dixie disagree with me (again, what the hell do I know). We start with a pretty standard, though very polished chain sequence, with Spud quickly establishing himself as the heel by berating the referee. Fairly impressive spot sees Marty jump through the corner ropes into Spud. I should say at this point that the commentary is really hard to listen to as Dixie and Hogan keep interrupting through their little inset. Another impressive spot sees Spud hit Marty with a Somersault Plancha over the top rope. I have to be honest, I don’t particularly like either of these two, but this has been a pretty damn good match. Scurll picks up the win with a Death Valley Driver, though both men are put over by Hogan and JB.

After the ad break, we see Rayne and Kim making their entrance. Amusingly, the video screens don’t work to begin with. The Blossoms make a slight botch on their entrance, completely failing to synch their entrances. Kim & Rayne cut a promo on the twins, probably to establish their heel roles. Hogan praises The Blossoms for ‘wrestling like wrestlers’ and also for their selling ability. The crowd are right behind The Blossoms which I wasn’t expecting at all! Several double-team moves put The Blossoms on top, though Kim picks up the win via a distraction from Rayne and grabbing the tights. Hogan states that new teams often need carrying, but not in this case.

Hogan and Dixie move to an office to discuss the results as we see more TNA wrestlers giving their opinions. Kazarian rates The Blossom Twins, saying how unique they are. Taz reiterates his preference for Scurll. Angle also reiterates his preference for Spud, but puts over all four. Gail Kim says that she trusts Hogan and Dixie’s opinion, which leads us into their discussion. I say their discussion, it’s primarily Hogan doing the talking, Dixie is pretty much just standing and nodding.

The show closes with the final decision with all the usual TV bullshit buildup. The winner of TNA British Boot Camp is……Rockstar Spud. Spud breaks down in tears, which I wasn’t expecting. Scurll and Spud actually manage an embrace and praise each other. Both Spud and Scurll put over the girls as well. However, the payoff is that the 4 will be invited to the TNA UK Tour in January, where they will be re-evaluated by TNA talent scouts and may still be signed to a contract. We close with a montage of Spud’s better moments from the show.

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