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Santino’s daughter wins Pageant

Santino Marella announced on Twitter that his daughter Bianca won the Miss Teen Canada World Pageant in Toronto.

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  1. matt says:

    I wouldn’t have thought santino was old enough to have a teenage daughter.. she must get her looks from her mama! Lol

  2. Joey says:

    That came out of him?!

  3. Sinnful says:

    Thank god its legit. Was worried that it was Santino in drag again

  4. Boogeyman says:

    Santina Marella would be proud of her niece.

  5. Science & Violence says:

    My cobra is rising lolz

  6. Marion says:

    @Science& Violence Ummm u do know that she is a TEENAGER…

  7. What? says:

    The daughter of an Italian wrestler from New Jersey wins the Miss Teen Canada World pageant. My head hurts.

  8. mike says:

    @what he’s really from the Toronto area….

  9. John48221 says:

    I heard it was close with eventually runner up until she pulled out the Cobra for the win. Did she do the trumpet march?

  10. Nolo King says:

    My cobra is lowering, lawls!

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