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Detailed 1/21 WWE Raw Recap

We start the show with a tribute to Martin Luther King on this great day.  Always a classy tribute by WWE.  We follow that up with Vicki walking to the ring on the arm of Paul Heyman.  Vicki says doing the right thing is not all the most popular thing.  Paul says he is out here in support of Vicki.  They both show the video from last week where The Rock makes fun of them.  Vicki says that although the Rock is supposed to be here tonight she has banned him from the arena.  If he tried to go into the arena he will be arrested.  They then go back stage and show the Rock talking to the San Jose PD.  He says there is no way he will not get in the ring tonight.  The Rock goes on a rant about arresting other people like CM Punk for impersonating a Champ.  He says he is Manti Teo but instead of an imaginary Girlfriend he is an imaginary champion.  The Rock vows that he will get into the arena tonight.

Tonight we will have a beat the clock challenge with 6 competitors.  If you win your match you get to pick your number in the Royal Rumble.  This could be huge.  tonight we will also have John Cena here to address the WWE Universe.

Beat the Clock Challenge

US Champion Antonio Cesero vs Randy Orton

Non-Title Match

The clock starts at zero and counts up until the match ends.  These two have a great chemistry together.  Randy dominates a big part of the match to start.  This being a non title match is obvious, but interestingly enough Orton has never been US champ.  Would be cool to see Orton take the strap.  Late in the match Antonio reverse a move into a near fall.  And then follows that up with a huge spring board European Uppercut.  Antonio climbs out of the ring and as he climbs back in he looks back to check the clock.  This gives Orton just enough time to land an RKO for the win.

Winner:  Randy Orton at 11:36.  That is the time to beat.

After the match they reintroduce Mick Foley as the first member of the call of 2013 WWE Hall of Fame.  Great idea since last week he was interrupted by The Shield.  The show a montage of Foley.  Very Good.  After that we go to a black and white video of the Shield.  They show all that they have done over the last 2 months.  They say this is just the beginning.

The Big Show vs Zack Ryder

As the Big Show is working his way down to the ring they announce to us that at the Royal Rumble Alberto Del Rio will defend his World Heavyweight Title against the Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match.  This match lasts just under 10 seconds.  On knock out punch on Ryder and it’s over.  They have really buried Ryder.

Winner-The Big Show

Backstage we see Brad Maddox talking with Paul Heyman.  He says he is willing to do anything to be famous.  Anything.  Paul tells Brad he was wrong about him.  He respects him and he will help make him famous.


Ryback vs 3MB

Handicap Match

This one goes really quick.  Ryback with his finisher on Slater for the win.


After the match Ryback gets on the mic.  He says that this Sunday is his first Royal Rumble and he will dominate and win the Rumble.

Back out in the parking lot we see the Rock talking to the cops again.  He is saying they have been outside for an hour now.  He tells them that they are hurting the people inside since they can’t see him.  One of the cops says he has tickets for tonight.  Vicki then walks up and tells the Rock that while he is standing out here CM Punk will be in the ring addressing the people.

Next Monday night we will have Raw Roulette!!

Back in the ring we go…..

CM Punk’s music hits and he and Paul Heyman walk to the ring.  Slowly.  As he climbs the apron he holds up the title to the crowd, maybe for the last time.  Punk says the Rock is here to entertain.  He is here to hurt people and win.  He will not allow the Rock the leave the Rumble the WWE Champion.  He says he has made the title prestigious again.  I agree.  He says the Rock is proud to be the People’s Champion.  Almost as proud as Punk is to be the real Champion.  Punk keeps telling Rock and the people that he does not matter nor do the people.  He says the people can not give him what Punk has, The WWE Title.  Punk’s music hits and he slowly raises the title.


Beat the Clock Challenge

Dolph Ziggler w/AJ and Big E. Langston vs The Miz

The time to beat is 11:36.

The Miz starts the match with a drop kick and a quick cover.  Dolph kicks out.  The Miz then begins a barage of moves on Dolph they wear him down.  Miz then locks on the figure 4.  You can hear the whoooos.  Dolph gets out of it with the help of AJ and Big E.  We have about a minute and a half left and Miz locks it on again, but AJ and Big E help out one more time.  the Miz is frustrated.  He turns his back on Dolph and make a big mistake.  Dolph hits the Zig Zag for the win.  He is the new beat the clock leader at 10:56.


Winner-Dolph Ziggler at 10:56


Back from commercial we have the Anger Management Graduation Ceremony.  Pretty basic comedy with the Doctor insulting them both and then putting the caps on Bryan and Kane.  The doctor then says that at most graduations the top student gets to speak.  He asks them who they think is the top student.  Kane says its Bryan and Bryan says its Kane.  They begin to shout at each other until the doctor asks if a hug would make them feel better.  They both say they guess.  The Doctor then says what if everyone everywhere hugged.  Kane said what about Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. They both get up and hug.  Then they begin to point at people in the crowd to hug.  It ends with them hugging in the ring.  Embarrassed to be a wrestling fan right now.

Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn vs Alicia Fox

Non Title match

This is Kaitlyn’s first match on Raw as Champion.  Pretty quick match with Kaitlyn hitting a spear for the win.


backstage Paul Heyman tells CM Punk he has bought him a luxury suite to watch what he is about to do.  Interesting.

Back from break Paul Heyman is in the ring and he tells us he will serve as CM Punk’s interpreter for the masses tonight.  He says that for most people it is a for gone conclusion that the Rock will walk out of Royal Rumble as the WWE Champion.  Heyman says just like the Rock the WWE Universe is stupid.  This cues up the Rock’s Music!  Out comes the People’s Champ!  The Rock tells Heyman to get out of the ring before he beats him down.  The Rock then turns to the luxury box Punk is sitting in alone and in the dark and tells him what he is going to do to him.  He tells Punk he will rip his face off.  The crowd starts a weak “boots to asses” chant that dies.  The Rock says he has waited 10 long years for this title shot.  He says he has a dream just like Martin Luther King.  To go to the mountain top one more time, and become WWE champion.  He tells Punk to look deep in his soul and know that Rock promises to beat him.  Sunday night when the Rock is WWE champion they will be saying “free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last”.  The Rock then says if you smell what the Rock is cooking…….But the lights go out!  When they come back on the Shield is in the ring and the beat the Rock down.  They hit him with the Triple Power Bomb and leave the ring with Rock laid out cold in the middle of it.  Punk gets on the mic for his luxury box.  He says bad news Rock, there’s only room for one man on top of that mountain.  When the Rock wakes up from his dream he will realize that the great one just wasn’t great enough to beat the best in the world.

As we go to break let me know who you think is going to win Sunday.  Rock or Punk?  Comment please.

Back from Break

Beat the Clock Challenge

Sheamus vs IC Champion Wade Barrett

Non Title Match

10:56 is the time to beat.  Sheamus and Barrett start out beating the hell out of each other.  These two keep it all power moves and holds.  They both tire quickly and it looks like it could end soon.  Sheamus takes the upper hand and works Barrett over between the ropes.  He suplexes him in and covers with 3:03 to go, but only gets a near fall.  We get to the 1:30 mark and Sheamus hits White Noise.  He sets him up for the Brogue Kick, but AJ jumps in the ring and separates them.  Barratt hits his finisher but Sheamus Kicks out.  Sheamus comes to his feet hits the Kick but is a few seconds to late.  Dolph has the best time.

Match ends in no decision.  Dolph Ziggler is the Beat the Clock Challenge Winner

Back from break Dolph, AJ, and Big E Langston are in the back talking to Vicki.  Dolph says he can pick any number he wants for the Rumble.  He may pick 30, or will it be 27 since 4 winners have come from that spot.  He then makes out with AJ.  Vicki laughs and tells Dolph he can pick what number he wants.  Either number 1 or number 2.  She laughs and walks away.

Backstage Punk is walking with Heyman carrying his title belt.  They are both very happy.  They then run into Vince!  He asks them if they think they are clever.  Punk says yes, but they had nothing to do with The Shield jumping The Rock tonight.  Vince says he is not stupid and threatens Punk.  He tells Punk if he finds out the Shield is working for Punk and interferes in his match with The Rock on Sunday he will strip Punk of the WWE Title!!

Back to the Ring

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Tensai

Walking to the Ring Del Rio is very friendly with the crowd.  San Jose has a very big Latin population so he is making alot of people happy.  In the ring Tensai is working Del Rio over from the jump.  Del Rio quickly turns the table and hits a very impressive belly to back suplex.  He follows that up with a kick to the head and a second rope moonsault for the win.


Winner-World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

We now get to find out the 2nd inductee into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame………Former WWE World Champion Bob Backland.  Backland was champion for 6 years.  6 years.  6 years!  Long Overdue.  Great Job Bob.

Back from break John Cena makes his way into the ring.  Cena comes out and begins to talk to the fans around ringside and references what they do on Sundays.  From playing video games, to yoga, to hangovers.  He says on this Sunday that will need to wait.  Because all eyes will be on the Royal Rumble and him winning the Royal Rumble.  Hit Sheamus’s music.  He says the Rumble will be a repeat of last year.  Outcome the Prime Time Players, then, Randy Orton, then The Miz, then Team Hell No, then Antonio Cesero, then 3MB, then the locker room empties.  The ring is filled with wrestlers, or entertainers if you will.


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32 Responses

  1. James says:

    @ Fisha what are you talking about dude?

    Rock has put over many people in his day. Does the hurricane, or Eugene come to mind? Not everyone is like Cena and has to win every single match or verbal spat.

  2. Fisha695 says:

    @James, did you not see the stats from 2012? Cena only has 31 wins which puts him atleast 11th on the win lists for last year.

    And how many people has Rocky put over since say 2005?

  3. -J- says:

    the rock sold the living hell out of that shield attack.

  4. Jonn says:

    the rock was around years ago, how people dont know that is beyond me. You are on the internet, go youtube it. Dude and austin were the reason raw was so good for so long. ROCK was one of the reasons why the attitude era was so memorable.

    Just saying it now.. Shield attacked Ryback,Shield are now attacking Rock… cena is behind the shield. I guarantee it. I know he’s been attacked by them also but no way its punk behind it, its cena and i think its becoming obvious.

  5. Jonn says:

    You guys realize rock is now a huge star right? like he doesnt need to be doing what he’s doing right now, he seems to genuinely enjoy it doing it tho.. for a guy who doesnt have too, for a guy with all the money in the world, he doesnt have to go out there and take these bumps.. He’s doing it cuz he loves it. its in his blood, his famillys blood also, which he was spitting up. The rock seriously is probably one of the most genuine down to earth people around, very fan friendly and very real. He put over so many people back in the day it wasnt even funny, like someone mentioned, hurricane and eugene.. “WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE WRESTLER? HHH. ” LOL.

    Rock is seriously the man and i swear to god, if people dislike him or dont find him to be entertaining, i dunno man, the guys hillarious and for all the people who cry about wanting the attitude era back, well when rock speaks… the attitude era is what you are getting.

  6. Jonn says:

    there is a reason why rock can go away and come back as he pleases, its because he is genuine out there. the people can see it, thats why guys like him,punk,jericho,im gonna put bryan in there too now, thats why guys like that can put other guys over and still be massively over themselves. bryan lost last year at wrestlemania in like seconds.. he’s one of the most over guys they have now. Winning matches dont matter, it doesnt get you over, being consistent and entertaining tho does. Thats why guys like punk,jericho,rock whoever.. thats why when they play the heel, they still get cheered. Cuz they are genuine and care and its obvious.

  7. Jonn says:

    cena is boo’d because he’s fake, he tries too hard. people can see that now more. Its becoming apparent john cena is as big of a phoney as hulk hogan. Thats why he’s being boo’d. people are getting sick of him. The people tho will never get sick of rock,jericho,punk,bryan etc because quite frankly, they are consistent and genuine. Cena tries to hard to be funny, he’s not. People are starting to understand that john cena is a phoney.

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