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Daily Discussion: Does Chris Benoit belong in the WWE hall of fame?

Today’s topic: Does Chris Benoit belong in the WWE hall of fame? Not will WWE put him in the hall of fame, as the chances of that happening are a long shot at best, but does he belong in McMahon’s hall of fame?

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  1. Skeeter Valentine says:

    I personally wouldn’t be against it, but I think we have a better chance of seeing Barry Bonds make Cooperstown

  2. NITRO says:

    Hell No!

  3. Jerrod says:

    I’m going to focus on the question , does Benoit belong in the hall of fame. Yes, there are other men who deserve it more, but Benoit is one of those men.

  4. Nick A says:

    No. Simple as that. He may have been a great wrestler, but the situation of his death negates any need to honor him in anyway EVER.

  5. Randy Brown says:

    I think that an industry who sold Chris down the river should,,YES,, should,, now own the career and the Man who made them all rich. Saying NO is like killing him over and over again. Chris had Brain Damage. Never mind the how,,the what is Chris Benoit’s Brain was gravely Damaged. Given that fact it is stupid, bone headed and down right CRUEL of the WWE to profit from the man while he was injuring himself and then turn him out into eternity when the injured party and his injuries come home to roost. Not only should Chris be honored and loved by the industry he loved but he should have the public funeral he deserved and be put at rest where his fans could finally go and say “Goodbye.”

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