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Beware of fake AJ Styles Twitter

Bill Behrens tweeted:

This is a FAKE AJ STYLES account 20,000 folk follow a fake. Legit twitter is

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  1. Will Henderson says:

    well another sign it’s fake, no verification icon on the twitter page, the real AJ Styles has it on his profile as it’s verified by twitter that it’s him.

  2. newjack101 says:

    “beware of fake aj styles twitter” whats it going to do? Come into my house and rape my children?

    Maybe 20,000 people follow it because its entertaining? Same way as the tna creative account. Surely the legit ah styles account is “in Florida for impact infront of tourists” “in Florida for impact infront of tourists” “in Florida for impact infront of tourists” riveting!

  3. Boogeyman says:

    @Will just because there not verified doesn’t mean there fakes ask half the Indy wrestlers like Colt, Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, etc.

  4. b00x says:

    Umm, actually you could immediately realise it’s fake because the last tweet was from August 2009. Yes, two-and-a-half years ago.

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