Update on “Superstar” Billy Graham

Jan 20, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

I spoke to Superstar Billy Graham on the phone from his hospital room at 3 pm Phoenix time today (January 19th 2013). He had a deep cough and his voice was much weaker than usual however his attitude was very positive.

Graham said that he was taken to the Mayo Clinic Hospital on Thursday (January 17th) due to problems with “shortness of breath, chest pain and not being alert or able to think strait.” At the time he was admitted he felt like he’d been “shot in the chest,” and “barely had the energy to lift his head.”

Doctors diagnosed Graham with double pneumonia (when tissues inside the lungs fill with fluid and become infected) and pericardial effusion (fluid around his heart). He was put on oxygen and says he feels fortunate have some of the world’s best cardiologists, lung and liver specialists working on him as a team to co-ordinate his medication. He’s currently on 3 types of IV antibiotics as well as special diuretics to help get the fluid out of heart cavity. He feels this is the right combination of medicine to help him “turn the corner.”

Graham says his shortness of breath and appetite has improved and he’s been getting a lot of rest. Doctors tell him that despite recently being diagnosed with an electrical problem with the heart know as atrial fibrillation his actual heart muscles are very strong.

He is aware of all the fan support he’s been getting and asked to be quoted saying “Thank you for your concern, prayers and positive energy. I have the best fans in the world and never realized they cared so much.”

He also wanted it publically stated that hearing the good news of my second negative Hepatitis C virus test is motivating to him and gives him even more confidence he will pull through.

Devon Nicholson

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