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Daily Discussion: Your favorite WWE diva

Today’s topic: With the recent departures of Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix, who is your favorite current WWE diva?

Yesterday’s discussion – Which independent wrestler should WWE sign?

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22 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Is none of the above an acceptable answer? The diva’s division is a joke.

  2. Legend_Killer says:

    Kaitlyn <3

  3. MattR says:

    Aj Lee, easy on the eyes and entertaining to watch. In ring, it’d definitely have to be Natalya.

  4. ebmi says:

    can’t decide between Layla and Natalya. it’s a shame that Nattie gets wasted with stories….

  5. NITRO says:

    Rosa Mendes

  6. Meh says:

    Paige (NXT) and Sara Del Rey (WWE Trainer).

  7. gerry says:

    Kaitlyn?? I mean who else is there besides natalya and kaitlyn…

  8. Bob Barker says:

    Are there any divas left?
    I guess there’s Katelyn and Mrs Fox. AJ is more of a manager than an active Diva. Brotuses dancers are dancers. Am I missing anyone out?

  9. trev says:

    Its always got to be Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes for me!!! with a drop of AJ Lee
    and then in tna gail kim and Taeler Hendrix!!! with a drop of rosita

  10. Alex says:

    That we currently see on TV.

    I’m probably going to get slapped for this, but I have to say AJ.

    Talent wise though, Natalya, by far.

  11. Nic says:

    Nattie by a MILE is the best/my favourite diva. Layla’s character was awesome with Michelle McCool but has completely died since then… AJ Lee’s character (probably deliberately) changes so much its hard to keep engaged with her and the rest don’t really interest me in the slightest.

  12. -KRKO- says:

    Kaitlyn. I think shes worked so hard to come from sucking on NXT to being able to work a pretty decent match. Shes not the typical diva compared to the rest, shes quite muscular and not this model-type. I also think she just has so much natural charisma and could really be over if WWE use her correctly. But we know that wont happen cos its WWE and Divas, they dont really care about the division.

  13. Prince Dann says:

    Natalya! The only one with real ability to put on a great match.

    And I love Rosa. Hate it when she wrestles, but as a valet and character, she is great.

  14. Alex says:

    Tamina Snuka

  15. MC Live says:

    None of then really do anything to stick out and stand above. AJ is great but she doesn’t wrestle. Kaitlyn still has some room to grow before she is a big name diva, but she’s close. Natalya is obviously the best worker, but they don’t use her the way they should. Typical.

  16. jalan says:

    aj lee is really hot, great worker and good on the mic, kaitlyn has talent and will only get better. i do not like layla, her accent is awful and shes just bla, nattie can wrestle, and…the rest r just there

  17. Guy says:

    Rosa & Aksana.

  18. James says:

    Current: Probably AJ. When she actually gets in the ring and shows what she can do.

    All time: Trish Stratus without a doubt.

  19. Mike says:


  20. Joey says:

    I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more for Tamina. Her and Natalya both have better wrestling background and in-ring work than most. That said, I still say Kaitlyn because she has more personality.

  21. -J- says:

    The Funkadactyls. –_–

  22. YabbaDabbaB says:

    I’d go with AJ, Cameron, Aksana, Rosa, Kaitlyn, and Alicia Fox.

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