1/19 WWE house show results from Ontario, CA

Jan 20, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Brodus clay beat jack swagger by pinfall. Swagger was still playing up all American gimmick.

Punk, Ziggler came out and tried to get out of their matches, punk citing his knee, ziggler with the flu. Vicki Guerrero changed it to a tag match against ryback and cena. Was advertised as a fatal four way.

Bo Dallas beat tensai. Was treated like a fluke win.

Sandow over Alex Riley.

Cesaro beats miz — hell of a match. Long match with lots of teases towards using the table. Cesaro got the upper hand for the beginning with miz later getting control. Finish saw miz running into corner where steel chair was set up and cesaro getting the pin. After the match, miz speared cesaro through table that was set up in a corner. Great psychology in this one and really built up to the table spot.

Kaitlyn retained her title against Tamina Snuka.

Zack Ryder beat Cody Rhodes.

credit: Dan A. @ Wrestlingobserver.com

Cena and Ryback beat Punk and Ziggler. Finish saw Big E Langston interfering by doing his finisher on Ryback. He was kicked out by the ref. AJ protested and grabbed the ref by his shirt and she was kicked out. Cena got the hot tag and gave the five knuckle and AA to Ziggler for the pin.

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