Notes on Bully Ray, Miss Tessmacher, WWE Vintage Collection, and more

Jan 19, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

– Perez Hilton posted: Brooke Hogan’s Fiancé Disses Lindsay Lohan & Kimye’s Baby While Grabbing At Tittays!

– Lucky 13 Promotions via Twitter: BREAKING NEWS: @BrookeTess will be posing for bikini photo-ops at the @bigeventny on Mar 2. Get your tickets today

– From Devin Cutting: The January 18th, 2013 edition of WWE Vintage Collection featured just 1 match: the Royal Rumble match from 2000

– Filed to GERWECK.NET: recently spoke with Bryan Alvarez from, here are some highlights.

Bryan’s thoughts on the WWE’s Wellness Policy,

“They’ve made tons of progress. The system isn’t perfect, but it’s evolved into a pretty effective system, especially when you consider what the policy was pre-Wellness (basically no policy). It’s actually better than the UFC policy, given UFC has athletic commission testing on a predetermined day and you have to be pretty stupid to fail, and WWE pays to have an outside agency test their wrestlers at random. Obviously it’s not perfect, but no drug-testing program is anywhere, including in the Olympics, and all things considered it’s turned out to be fairly effective. Obviously there will always be people able to beat the system, but I think there are less people beating it now than even five years ago.”

His thoughts on the current Aces & Eights Storyline in TNA,

“It’s all Eric Bischoff. And it pretty much sucks. It’s not over with the fans, the ratings have dropped since they introduced it, they’ve booked it totally wrong (invaders lose all the time, worst invasion since the WCW/WWE invasion of 2001), and it’s hurting what has otherwise been a pretty good TV show of late.”

How he partnered with co-host Dave Meltzer,

“Once we started the radio show we were contacted by a company that wanted us to do a website together. This was around 2000. It was a gigantic, epic, unmitigated failure. At that point, Dave had it set in his mind that he’d never do a website again. In about 2005 my newsletter wasn’t doing so well, so I decided to take it online as an email newsletter and save on postage costs. My brother-in-law suggested we do a website instead, and so we did, and it absolutely took off. In 2008, Dave agreed to go back online and merge with our website. It’s been a giant success. But there was a three-year period between when I started the site and when he came on board, so I think he was still spooked by what happened in 2000, and once he saw that our site had worked and grown for three years, he realized that this was something that could now work. 2008 was right place, right time. 2000 was wrong place, wrong time.”

Bryan also shared his thoughts on Brock Lesnar’s return to the WWE in 2012, Vince Russo and more!

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