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* In a Knockout’s Title Match, Tara w/Jesse defeated Velvet Sky via Tara pinning Velvet and Jesse holding Velvet’s feet down so she couldn’t kick out. Velvet at one point hit her finisher and had the match won if not for a distraction from Jesse.

* Joseph Park came out for a promo. He said how hd has learned that his place is not behind a desk but as an active member of the Impact roster. He said he is looking for that win, or “W” as the boys call it and mentioned that next week in the UK was Open Fight Night and mentioned how he is excited to have his televised debut as a trained wrestler. He mentions how next week he promises to get that W. He doesn’t know who he will call out yet but he is going to study tapes/take notes and keep “Kay fab” about it before saying that next week the UK, the US, and the whole world will see what he can do.

* Zema Ion & Kenny King defeated Christian York & Rob Van Dam. I can’t remember who took the fall but King worked him over and Ion made a blind tag and stole the fall. The two got into words about it after.

* Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan came out and looked for Taz who was not at the announce table with Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley. They then went to the ring and Ray said he expected a move like this from Devon but not Taz. He mentioned how the thing that made Ray the most angry was how this hurt everyone around him from Sting to Hulk to Brooke. He threatened to take out each member of Aces & Eights one by one but said he cannot do that while he is suspended. He said he knows Hulk Hogan is not in the building but he knows he is watching at home and implored Hogan to lift the suspension. Sting’s music hit and he defended Ray and told Hulk to “let his new son-in-law” get back into things and said how we will get the answer next week in the UK.

* Bobby Roode beat Hernandez via bulldog. As the match progressed and Hernandez was going for his trademark dive to the outside, Austin Aries came out and moved Roode out of the way. Chavo Guerrero and Aries got into a brawl and the ref was distracted allowing Roode to hit a bulldog and win. After, Aries was trying to tell Ray “we did it” but Roode was saying it was all him. Aries celebrated anyway.

* Kurt Angle came out and said that Aces & Eights are in it for the long haul and he wants payback. He mentions Open Fight Night is next week and calls out Mr. Anderson for it as well as calling him to the ring to say something to him personally. Anderson came out (notably to his own music despite wearing in A&8’s cut). Anderson mocked Angle for a bit before saying he wanted to do things right now. He attacked Angle but Angle made a comeback and nearly out him in an Ankle Lock but Anderson bailed. Angle then said that next week the two will face in a Steel Cage Match.

* For the TNA World Title, Jeff Hardy retained over Christopher Daniels w/Kazarian. Very good match. Kazarian attempted to get involved before Hardy shoved Daniels into him, hit the Twist of Fate and a Swanton for the defense.

* After, Taz came down from the announce table and chastised Hardy a bit. Couldn’t quite hear him due to people around me but I am pretty certain he was mentioning how Hardy may have a target on his back and an Aces & Eights member came in the ring and hit Hardy in the back of a leg with a hammer, requiring Hardy to need help to the back from referees.

NOTE: I never saw when Taz show up at the booth, but he wasn’t there when they did the Ray promo at least or prior to that.


* Mickie James defeated Brooke Tessmacher with a roll-up.

* James Storm defeated Kazarian via Last Call after Kazarian attempted to dodge a charge from Storm in the corner.

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10 Responses

  1. havok says:

    heenan wasnt in the nwo…dusty was

  2. Matt says:

    The Aces and Eights thing is not awful, it’s awesome. Taz is a perfect represntative for the theme of the group, as a manager or a mouth piece he will be a great addition since some of the Aces and Eights guys aren’t that solid on the mic, Taz on the other hand is.

  3. Boogeyman says:

    Taz did enter TNA as a manager of Joe so mouth wise he is capable they just need him off the announce booth

  4. Hipnosis says:

    listen to everyone pissed off at Taz. That’s a true HEEL TURN lol

  5. BobbySheenanIswinning says:

    I want to see Anderson in this group that bit sounds interesting. Be good to see Taz heel it up.

  6. Scott says:

    So Daniels FINALLY gets a title shot and jobs to Jeff Hardy. The same Jeff Hardy who because of his “recreational habits” isn’t allowed to go on tour to England next week for a month’s worth of TV tapings depriving the European TNA fans of seeing the World Champion. So instead of a clean job to put Daniels over, Aces & Eights take out Hardy with a hammer to invoke the 30 day rule? We got that tee shirt already broseph. Sting, Angle, Magnus, EY, now Hardy?

  7. Legend_Killer says:

    TNA should give Daniels the title for the UK Tour… They would be in UK without the Heavyweight Champion… Cool…

  8. Latrese says:

    Ok here is what I have to say about the taz heel turn: WHO CARES> Look the truth is the most relevant thing Taz has done since he retired yrs ago has been the Gut Check deliberations and we all know how we feel about those, As for using taz as a mouth piece, why every fan knows who is behind the whole Aces and 8’s angle, which by the way is a HORRIBLE recreation of the NWO because it is a bunch of guys who simply couldn’t hack it anywhere else. At least the NWO had talent people cared about and that were still relavant. These jokers aren’t has beens, sadly they are more like the people who never were. The angle will be dead soon and they can fade back into obscurity where they belong.

  9. Jonn says:

    To me aces and eights are a ripoff of the NWO and even more so of the “tv show” that eric bischoff and jason hervey produce on i believe its AandE. the one with the motorcycle gang pretending to be Hells Angel associates, whats it called? the devils ride or something like that?produced by bischoff and hervey, aces and eights are pretty much a direct rip off of them. Like right down to the head gear and everything.

  10. Jonn says:

    the other reason aces and eights is kind of a joke IMO is the fact that a lot of the “newer guys” are guys who were mid to lowcard jobbers in wwe but are now all of a sudden dominating the TNA talent..Like, thats not kurt angle or jeff hardy.. thats mike knox and festus. Like seriously. TNA’S problem is the wwe jobbers come in and destroy the entire roster making the TNA roster look like a bunch of guys who couldnt make it in wwe. I mean guys that didnt make it in wwe are dominating your entire roster? Thats some weird logic there. They should be getting their butts kicked weekly but they arent, they are the ones doing the ass kicking. To a random fan of TNA, you got mike knox and festus beating up the entire tna roster.

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