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Update on the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit

The lawsuit TNA filed against WWE for tampering in relation to Ric Flair’s contract was dropped by TNA a few days back, reports

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  1. mackdeezy says:

    That explains things

  2. Jake Allen says:

    Does this mean that the Knockouts, Samoa Joe, and Matt Morgan can (hopefully) finally leave and be put to better use in WWE?

  3. Freeman Cooper says:

    Jake, don’t make me laugh. WWE’s women’s division has become a joke. At least the Knockouts can actually wrestle, unlike the majority of the models & actresses the WWE employs. Besides, Joe would be jobbed to hell in WWE. You see what’s happened to guys who were big in WCW (Booker T, Scott Steiner, etc.)? THAT is EXACTLY what’ll happen to Joe if he goes to the WWE. Hell, that’ll probably happen to Morgan if he returns, as he’s become bigger in TNA than he EVER was in WWE. I mean, look at what they did to guys like Kaz, Chris Harris, & any other TNA wrestler who decided to try WWE. Vince does NOT care for a wrestler that the WWE machine did not create. Any wonder why the majority of them have gotten jobbed out during their time in the company or why they’re in TNA now? Listen, you REALLY need to remove your head from Vince’s behind, because your breath smells like his $#!t. Sure, there’s been situations where a guy that the WWE machine didn’t create has gotten to the top in WWE, but it’s been a minuscule percentage of the time that that happens.

  4. Dusty says:

    You mean Joe and Morgan being jobbers with crappy gimmicks? The Knockouts being jobbers to models?

  5. LOL @ Freeman: How about CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Rollins, Ambrose, Cesaro, Del Rio, Big Show, Booker T (I disagree with you on his WWE success), Hunico, Sin Cara…these are all current stars that made names for themselves elsewhere and were successful in WWE (albeit some more than others and some with slightly different names/gimmicks). WWE does bury some people from other companies, yes, but they bury their own people too, look at Christian and all the other “WWE made” superstars over the years that have been buried by “the machine”. Hell, look at “WWE made” stars that were buried in other companies…Elijah Burke comes to mind. All wrestling companies do this.

  6. newjack101 says:

    Fan boys owned by Daniel Wilson, at the end of the day any wrestler that doesnt want to work in WWE is just in tna for the money without having to work as hard/much, any wrestler that truely loves and respects the business would want to highest level which at this moment is WWE. Sick of.hearing how.WWE buries talent, no, if the talent is good enough then the cream always rises to the top if.they cant get themselves over thats their.problem no company in any business would hire someone just to set them up to fail. If WWE signed bobby roode tomorrow part of it to get his fans to follow him over therefore hurting tna’s business and improving WWEs.

  7. Freeman Cooper says:

    Daniel, do I need to repeat the final line of my prior response? Apparently. “Sure, there’s been situations where a guy that the WWE machine didn’t create has gotten to the top in WWE, but it’s been a minuscule percentage of the time that that happens.” When it comes to it, D-Bry isn’t at the top of the company, as he’s a tag team champion & he’s in a comedic program with Kane right now. The Shield isn’t exactly at the top either, as they’re feuding with Ryback, Orton, & whomever else WWE needs to take off TV for a while. I would consider Punk, Cesaro, & Del Rio as part of that minuscule percentage I mentioned. As far as Big Show, he actually became a household name more in WWE than in WCW, so he doesn’t count. And, how could you consider Booker to be at the top when he’s essentially an on-screen authority figure? He doesn’t wrestle anymore. As far as the Sin Caras, unless you’ve seen them in backstage segments on WWE’s website or on WWE’s “C” show, Superstars, neither of them’s been on RAW or SmackDown as of lately. The thing is, Vince is very well-known for not wanting to push to the top in his company the majority of guys that his company’s “machine” didn’t create. Why do you think TNA has soo many established wrestlers on its roster right now? Because a good majority of those wrestlers came from other companies, became fed up with WWE’s politics & looked elsewhere for employment. Hell, WCW was very guilty of that as well. Why else do you think talent like The Radicalz, Jericho, Big Show, & others defected to WWE from WCW after a while? The only time that a wrestler connected to an established star from another company gets pushed to the top is when it’s the child of a legend (Steamboat, Flair, etc.). As far as Burke, I will admit TNA does botch certain talent acquisitions here & there, but it’s not that often.

  8. Prince Dann says:

    Hahaha at Jake..

    better use by WWE? You have no chance. Especially with the Knockouts.

    Wwe doesn’t like women who can actually wrestle. He likes models, who he can mould into what his definition of a female wrestler should be. WWE doesn’t currently have a serious women’s division, its laughable. All the TNA knockouts should stay put. Natalya should go over there too.

    And if you actually enjoy women’s wrestling, watch SHIMMER, SHINE or WSU.

  9. Freeman Cooper says:

    newjack101, you seriously must be the stupidest POS I have EVER come across. The ONLY fanboys around here apparently are you & Dan Wilson. And, your response PROVED that the only owned who got owned are you two idiots. There’s a reason guys like Sting, Kurt Angle, & such work for TNA now & NOT WWE. I don’t see WWE giving the older guys as light a work schedule as TNA does (guys who probably need a lighter work schedule due to how much the business has taken out of them). But, go ahead and continue shoving your head further up McMahon’s ass, while Wilson shoves the WWE’s tool further down his throat. Oh, and I provided PROOF that no matter how good the talent is, the majority of the time, WWE won’t put over guys that it didn’t make itself. Dude, you need some Visine because you aren’t seeing right. And, if anything, Roode would suffer the same fate as Kazarian, Chris Roode, & any other of TNA’s talent that went to WWE & ended up being jobbed out before they got smart, quit, & returned to TNA. Besides, in the case of Christian, WWE doesn’t know good talent when it sees it. It took him becoming NWA World champion, then leaving TNA, & going back to WWE for him to win a title their. VinnyMac is getting old & senile & smart wrestling fans KNOW it. He’d be better off retiring now & letting his kids take over, before his leadership ends with WWE out of business.

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