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Photo: Tyson Kid after surgery today

Tyson Kidd on Facebook:

12 hours later. Very different situation. Road to recovery begins today

I dieted harder than normal and didn’t miss a day of training or pre op therapy. Dropped 20lbs for this surgery so it’d be easier recovery on my knee

Kidd is out of action due to a torn ACL and a torn meniscus in his right knee as well as a hairline fracture of the tibia suffered at the house show run after Christmas.

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3 Responses

  1. Boogeyman says:

    CM Punk Paul Heyman Tyson Kidd stable!!!

  2. ManWhale says:

    They better bring him back. I hate when 3 months go by and wonder, “hey whatever happened to…”

  3. James says:

    Get well, TJ.

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