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‘Kaepernicking’ gesture rips off Scott Steiner?


After his prime-time performance in the San Francisco 49ers’ 45-31 NFC divisional playoff win against Green Bay Saturday night, quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s recurring touchdown celebration (he kisses his right bicep after scoring) has earned a name.

Like “Tebowing” and “Griffining” before it, “Kaepernicking” is taking off across social media, with fans posting photos and videos of themselves mimicking the gesture in at home, in bars, on the street, at work and just about any other place.

Scott Steiner — The original “Kaepernicker”
The 50-year-old pro wrestler should be credited with originating the move, although “Steinering” doesn’t quite sound so cool.

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6 Responses

  1. jim says:

    Give me a break. The big bad booty daddy didnt come up with it

  2. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    It’s been around for thousands of years.

  3. Joe says:

    Kaepernicking doesn’t sound much better.

  4. Ian says:

    Just like Tebow didn’t come up with praying on one knee…Cowboys have been doing it for years. All this naming gimmick crap is getting lame.

  5. Ostego says:

    Every meat head in front of a full body mirror does it. This article is stupid.

  6. steve says:

    Kapernick got it from Steiner… Steiner got it from Orndorff… Orndorff got it from…. you get the idea.

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