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Former WWE superstar vs. current WWE superstar on Twitter

Kofi Kingston and the recently released Trent Barreta had a brief twitter exchange which may or may not be real.

Barreta started by writing, “Now that I’m fired I can finally say it: Kofi Kingston is an asshole.”

Kingston replied, “I never wanted to shake hands with you.” Barreta came back with, “Yeah, and we won’t ever again.”


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  1. 36Chambers says:

    Has to be a work. Every story I have ever heard about Kofi is that he is a really cool dude, and really good to the kids. Parents are always stoked over how he treats their kids.

  2. eddie says:

    I don’t think its a work just barreta trying to get his name out there since doesn’t have a job anymore

  3. reason says:

    ever thought they might be friends, and they are just messing?

  4. Matt says:

    It’s called a joke

  5. JDBJJ says:

    I know Trent (Greg) personally, he’s not a problem starter. This is a work

  6. Nick A says:

    Just because Kofi is great with fans doesn’t inherently make him a great guy to everyone.

    And someone as talented as Trent probably wasn’t pushed for a reason. Having an attitude like he shows here probably didn’t help him in the long run.

  7. Chicago Made Punk says:

    wow! i always thought the same. That Kofi K. is an *sshole, behind scenes, i always thought that it’s something about him that i don’t like, even when you can see his “cool” personality on tv..but who knows..right?

  8. Swayze says:

    Kofi’s response makes it sound like an inside joke.

  9. Jono K says:

    Work for sure.

  10. KiLLewskitt says:

    Can’t be a work.. seldom does WWE tolerate profanity on social media these days.. RARE

  11. -J- says:

    cm punk and kofi are buddies…k thanks.

  12. The Raven says:

    I can’t believe there are people saying it’s a work, lol.

  13. Prince Dann says:

    Or maybe they did it as a joke to each other, so they could laugh at all the internet people, making a drama out of it

  14. Hipnosis says:

    Trent is trying to get Kofi over as a Heel because clearly him being a face is STUPID!! STUPID!! STUPID!!

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