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WWE cuts developmental talent reports that WWE developmental talent TAC (Brandon Carter) was released on Friday.

Carter was a former offensive tackle for Texas Tech University who came into development as a long-time wrestling fan.

Carter did note on Twitter (before deleting the post): “Not one person in developmental or #wwe have the accolades that I do, yet they act like they are deserved something. #wwe you deserve more! Same generic cookie cutter wrestlers. ONE speaks out and he’s a REVOLUTION starter? Change is coming! #wwe you deserve it! #TAC REVOLUTION.”

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8 Responses

  1. kent says:

    accolades? who cares about being a former college football star. u suck, dont be the next cm punk with ur pipe bombs smh f out of here. ur prob a no talent hack

  2. lll says:

    He’s not established enough as a wrestler to speak out against management there. He should shut his mouth and wait his turn like everybody else did before making it big. Releasing you is not a big loss.

  3. Mr. Black says:

    Based on the twitter post he put up, he totally deserved to be released. What an ignorant statement, especially coming from someone with little to no wrestling experience. Blah blah I played football in the big 12 and I have a ton of tattoos. Good luck on the indies, Tac, if you even consider that an option.

  4. Boogeyman says:

    First step in starting a revolution. Change your stupid name. Second step pay your dues like all the great wrestlers. Third step shut up on twitter like you deserved a wwe championship as soon as you signed.

  5. havok says:

    exactly what are his accolades….and why should we care who he is

  6. rasha the vodoo mon says:

    Guys if you haven’t been there, please don’t drop bombs on the guy… He may be bitter, angry and hurt as we all would if we lost our jobs and I have lost mine In WWF once as well… He is speaking the truth, but why didn’t he when he was employeed that’s my only complaint… You can’t do anything to stand out or you offend someone… you can’t be to flashy with a good/great move because the guys will steal your s#@$t and use it on TV before you can…. Happened to me, both circumstances, no matter how much talent you have and he may or may not, it means nothing in their world.. I wish civilians (fans) got to see first hand what goes on, it’s like nothing you would ever imagine.. they want interchangable parts, so if you get hurt or too cocky they can replace you with the same guy same body style just diff gimmic…

    I bet he wished he got a NFL tryout instead…. less bs and games and a better shot at making it….

  7. Skeeter Valentine says:

    That post was back in November

  8. Boogeyman says:

    @rasha he did have nfl try outs…he failed at that as well

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