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The latest rumor regarding this year’s WWE Hall of Fame

(DX – Triple H, Shawn Michaels (would be inducted for a second time), Sean Waltman, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn)

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  1. Deathedge says:

    The only reason I don’t want it to happen this year is that it would completly overshadow Mick Foley’s induction.

  2. Kerry says:

    What about Chyna?

  3. chewie215 says:

    her shes doing special movies lol

  4. kent says:

    @Kerry. Chyna? u mean that crap porn star? that ex wrestler? no way. wwe would never recognize her ever again lol

  5. Kerry says:

    Aw, come on. If they’re gonna put DX in they should recognize everyone that was ever involved. lol

  6. Saint Savage says:

    I have to draw a line and say if you haven’t gotten in yet it isn’t going to happen. When you are inducting wrestlers twice and over looking certain wrestlers I call foul on your sham H.O.F.! I am not going to preach about the ones who deserve to go in like Bruno and Savage, what is next the entire Kaienti? Sorry venting and pissed if this rumor is true.

  7. Prince Dann says:

    I dont like this.

    Triple H needs to be inducted alone, with his achievements.

    Same can be said for X-Pac.

    New Age Outlaws together, definitely.

    What’s the point in inducting them all, to inducted them all again later?

  8. -J- says:

    Induct the many factions of the NWO…sure bischoff and hogan aren’t busy with anything else or sting.

  9. Adam says:

    Saint, while I agree with you that both those guys deserve to be in the HOF, remember that they both have and had refused to go in when offered years ago…MANY times. In a twisted way, guys like Savage and Bruno helped cause the double dipping by not being involved.

  10. kidsampson says:

    Include Rick Rude and consider the class done.

  11. Josh says:

    WWE inducted Drew Carey a couple of years ago, you can’t really take any inductions they do seriously anymore

  12. mickey doolie says:

    tori aka terri poch? what about her?? she was dx!

  13. Agent Cooper says:

    In the WWE’s revisionist history, Chyna didn’t exist despite being an integral part of DX. Probably best she’s not inducted though. I can picture her throwing up and passing out on stage right after plugging her latest porn film.

  14. Craig says:

    TBH I don’t see the problem with inducting stables as well as them individually.

    nWo should be inducted, but Hall would need to clean up his act and Hogan would need to be a little less controversial, afterall you guys just hit on the head why Chyna isn’t getting in, Hogan is currently going through the courts over a sex tape.

    Bruno has refused to go in, that is his own doing, Savage will quite possibly go in a few years down the line, but himself he was a guy with some problems, and his career was often involving Elizabeth, who had her own problems WWE wouldn’t want highlighted.

  15. jj fact says:

    I think people take the WWE hall of fame too seriously. But if anyone deserves the spotlight it’s Mick Foley he started out as a jobber on superstars of wrestling or wrestling challenge. Made his way through Texas to WCW. And finally to the WWE where somehow he became WWE champion. That’s just flat out amazing. Nobody could have predicted that for Mick Foley when he was first starting out not even himself. Inducting DX is just another reason to bring Shawn back to tv. Nothing wrong with it just might be too soon.

  16. T says:

    Ugh. Going from the 4 Horsemen last year to this? What about the Heenan Family or the nWo ? What about The Dangerous Alliance? (Rude- Austin – Double A – Eaton – Zbyszko)

  17. Todd says:


    WWE Championship
    The Rock (c) vs John Cena

    Triple Threat to the Streak Match
    Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker vs CM Punk

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Sheamus (c) vs Randy Orton

    D-Generation X (Triple H, Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) vs The Shield (Roman
    Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins)

    Ryback vs The Big Show

    WWE Diva’s Championship
    Eve Torres (c) vs AJ Lee

    Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kane
    vs Daniel Bryan vs Christian

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow (c) vs The Miz & Alberto Del Rio


    Expect Ziggler to win the ladder match
    Everyone will expect Cena to win as Rock is only part time, Rock beats Cena twice in a row. Cena attacks Rock after (FINALLY CENA TURNS HEEL)
    Cue Ziggler to cash in and pin the rock to become the new wwe champion

    Ric Flair will help the shield beat DX and assign himself as their manager

  18. -J- says:

    Todd, can’t wait for that Eve Torres (c) vs AJ Lee match at mania…I can tell you know what you’re talking about bro!


  19. MulkeyMania says:

    Not to mention Sheamus defending the WHC he lost how months ago…

  20. NCW Promoter says:

    A Great Pick Now For The Other Right Pick After Bruno Is The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff And Bob Backlund NO ONE Else Belongs In Before Them And Yes Randy And Prof Tanaka, Tony Garea,Rick Martel, Haystacks Calhoun To Say A Few

    BUT Bob Backlund And Ivan Koloff Are The Two That Need To Be in Now And Of Course Bruno

  21. Rodney says:

    Triple H needs to retire and be inducted into the hall of fame by himself before being inducted with a group.

  22. raven12516 says:

    @Todd: Did you not watch Raw?

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