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Review of YouShoot with Kevin Nash DVD

By Alan Wojcik

He has been called “Big Sexy, Big Lazy, Big Sexy Giant Killer, Oz, Vinnie Vegas & HBK’s bodyguard.” After watching this interview done by Kayfabe Commentaries you will call KEVIN NASH an eloquent gentleman & wine aficionado. YOUSHOOT is not for the faint of heart that does not wish to answer fan questions no matter how good or bad.

Your chapters for this edition are: Early Days, Sex/Rats, Triple H, Gossip, Thespian, Drugs, the Road, Heat, Fashion, Potpourri, the Boys & WCW.

The traditional games like “What’s in the bag,” “The Ho Bag”, What a Dick” are here along with the new “F, Marry & Kill” “Twitter Shots”. We have two new segments where Nash and Sean test wine and one at a “bar” where Nash coaches a guy in scoring with the ladies.

This YouShoot is two discs and covers lots of ground. Some of the things Nash reminisces about: being present for the legendary Paul Orndorff/Big Van Vader fight, evil ribbing by the Steiner Brothers, his spot-on Pat Patterson impression, the initial push of Diamond Dallas Page, nearly getting arrested with HBK & Scott Hall in England, his view of the infamous Hulk Hogan Sex tape & a Maxx Payne drug documentary, a rib on Jim Cornette that will make your cringe, the Twitter feud with the Ultimate Warrior, turning down the role of Sabretooth in X-Men and a John Travolta story that will make all the tabloid stories you read seem interesting. All that is mixed in some great stories you might not hear if you have missed Kevin’ visit to Timeline: History of the WWE 1995. Interviews from the Kayfabe Commentaries library where Kevin is referenced are shown by Sean and the replies from Kevin are priceless.

Kevin Nash is one of the nicest people I have ever interviewed in the eleven years covering wrestling. So to watch this as an unbiased person I must call it the funniest YouShoot (sorry Danny Doring) in the series. Do not drink or eat during it because you might choke to death before the end.

Next up on the roster are Wrestling’ Most Botched (January 29) and Timeline of WCW 1988 with JJ Dillon (February 26)

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