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Bully Ray’s bachelor party tonight

Bully Ray tweeted: 9pm tonight. My bachelor Party @ Ricks Cabaret NYC. All welcome!! Even invited @HulkHogan. Gonna be a great time!! RT

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  1. Mr Jones says:

    What did I miss? Who is he getting married too?

  2. eddie says:

    Brooke hogan storyline

  3. ducky says:

    what you thin of bully wife Fawnfeather Carr think about this?

  4. Alex says:

    Something is gonna get caught on tape which ruins the wedding, my best guess.

  5. Lolstoryline says:

    AJ Styles as Triple H
    Brooke Hogan as Stephanie Mc Mahon
    Bully Ray as Test
    Hulk Hogan as Vince Mc Mahon

    TNA wanting to emulate WWF

  6. Lolstoryline says:

    They just need James Storm to team with Austin Aries:

    Call the team 3:16. 😛

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