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A Funk Speaks Out Against Kevin Nash

TO Kayfabe Memories RE – “YouShoot: Kevin Nash” preview – John Travolta

My husband and I hold your web site in the hightst regard and enjoy your hard work on it daily.
The latest video of Kevin Nash talking about John Travolta (Our neighbor in Ocala, Florida) is complete BULLSH*T!!!

We have known John Travolta for years and Dory Funk ( my husband) has had photos taken with John on several occasions and I believe Mr. Nash is playing an old worn out card. Mr. Nash is talking out of his head, and if I were to repeat what some of the girls say about him in his intimate times it would make everyone laugh out loud.

Only a very sad person could twist the attention of an A-lister to something so ridiculously childish.
This drunken homophilic slur from Mr. Nash will go around the world tocay and hopefully you will feel enough heat to accomplish something more positive for the worldly view of pro-wrestling.


Marti Funk.

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6 Responses

  1. tC says:

    Grow up Nash. Its 2013

  2. JD Storm says:

    Nash would do us all a favor by just leaving. don’t care where he goes, so long as he goes away.

  3. -J- says:

    Nash being a jerk? Unthinkable.

  4. Brianna Webber says:

    Instead of bashing Kevin Nash, shouldn’t the Funks be more concerned with paying that settlement fee to that one student who sued them and won? Just a thought…

    P.S. John Travolta may live in Ocala, but he is certainly not their neighbor. To think that, is borderline laughable. If that’s the case, all the other 56,515 people that live in Ocala can claim John Travolta is their neighbor as well.

  5. Prince Dann says:

    I for once agree with Durk..

    I’ve seen previous interviews with Nash where homosexuality was a subject, and he has gay people in his family, and is very gay friendly. I believe whatever Nash said, wasn’t meant in an offensive way.

  6. KC says:

    Travolta IS gay though. Hes been known for that for years in Brooklyn.

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