Notes on Carlito, Kevin Nash, Raw tonight, and more

Jan 14, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

– Two items have been confirmed for tonight’s 20th anniversary celebration of Monday Night RAW. The first one is a match for the WWE
Divas title as Eve Torres defend her strap against number one contender Kaitlyn. The second is something which is guaranteed to get some laughs
from the crowd – a Rock concert featuring The Rock! This will be his third Rock concert, with his first one performed just before WrestleMania XIX in
Sacramento, and his second in March of last year in Cleveland. GERWECK.NET will be providing live coverage of tonight’s Raw at 8PM ET.

– From Mike Informer: WWE’s Raw runnin’ wild

– Kevin Nash tweeted: Not sure if at this point I could do the speech.Just putting the WWE experience behind me.Know I would want HHH and HBK to put me in.

– Carlito cuts a promo for 2/16…

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