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Other names under consideration for WWE Hall of Fame

We noted earlier that Bam Bam Bigelow has been a name brought up for consideration for the WWE hall of fame ’13. Other names under consideration include Bob Backlund and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Trish Stratus has also been talked about as a Diva induction and if they can sway him Mr. T as a celebrity induction.

(source: Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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  1. Alex says:

    I pity the fool who doesn’t induct Mr.T into the Hall of Fame!

  2. timfalkey91 says:

    With Hogan in tna I wonder who would induct Mr t. I seriously doubt tna would allow Hogan to appear at a wwe event considering they let flair do it last year. If they do Induct mr.t, it’ll probably be piper who inducts him

  3. havok says:

    i think its a good set to go in

  4. MC Live says:

    Since I’m attending, I’m only interested in Trish, Bam Bam, an Jake this year. Arguments could be made for Backlund and Mr. T, but they’re both before my time so I really don’t care

  5. kado says:

    No Heyman Doe

  6. TadDunbar says:

    Piper hates Mr. T

  7. MoneyInTheBank187 says:

    Ultimate Warrior

  8. JD Storm says:

    Jake Roberts, Trish & Backlund would all be awesome inductees.

  9. Jake Allen says:

    Where’s the Brian Pillman love for f’s sake?!

  10. NCW Promoter says:

    There Is No Argument Or Opinion For Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund,

    Ivan Koloff “Which Everyone Is Forgetting”

    Prof Tanaka, Randy Savage, Tony Garea, Larry Zbyszko, Rick Martel,Haystacks Calhoun,Ken Patera, Wahoo McDaniel, Sky Lo Lo, Viski Williams And Joyce Grable, Lei Lani Kai And Judy Martin,Mark Lewin, Crazy Luke Graham, Mr. Saito

    YES Then The

    King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow, Stan Hansen,Rick Rude Madusa, Demolition,Sheepherders, Rock And Roll Express, Midnight Express,Haku, Sheik Al Kassie, DDP,Lanny Poffo, John Tolos, SD Jones, Jose Estrada, Spiros Arion, Kevin Sullivan, Tommy Rich,Paul Jones, Manny Fernandez And Many More

    @WWE For Bruno, Bobby And Ivan Koloff This Year Randy Too

  11. B-Rad says:

    Luna Vachon please.

  12. Chris James says:

    I really hope they induct Snake.

  13. Scott says:

    Piper hates the living piss outta Mr. T, so unless there is a Flair deal, and Hogan inducts Mr. T, that kinda does make it hard to pick who inducts him.

  14. Muralbat says:

    If Jake Roberts got in it would cap an amazing year for him, I’d be super emotional to see a sober Jake Roberts getting respect from his friends! That and Foley is enough for me

  15. Shay says:

    Luna Vachon please if Bam Bam is indeed inducted.

  16. Prince Dann says:

    Please not Trish. Not yet.

    If you really need a female inductee, IMO Jackie Moore is much more deserving. Hell, even Sable should go before Trish.

    And don’t start me on Chyna. Just because she started a new career after wrestling, no matter how taboo or un-PG, it doesn’t mean her accomplishments should go unnoticed.

  17. kent says:

    No way. Trish is totally way before Jackie moore, and sable. they were never womens champ much at all @prince Dann

  18. kent says:

    how can u know about bam bam and jake the snake but u dont know about Mr. T and bob backlund ?

  19. raven12516 says:

    Maybe they should induct ICP. That’s right, I said it.

  20. J-Ro says:

    They should induct Dwayne soon. For all we know, this could be his last year doing this.

  21. Prince Dann says:


    In the modern era, sable brought back women’s wrestling.. after the 80s and before the 2000s, there was sable who was the big female draw. She consistently got pops and played her character well.

    Jackie Moore has a long long history, throughout many companies. Many modern divas cite Jackie as an inspiration, and she held the cruiserweight title. Tougher than most men.

    While I like and respect Trish, the booking team pinning seven championships on her, doesn’t qualify her yet. Yes, she revolutionized the word diva, and worked extremely hard to shake the model tag

  22. Thomas says:

    To kent, he’s probably like me and his beginning years consisted of wwf circa 95-96. After backlund but still while jake and vader were midcarders

  23. havok says:

    @MC theres no argument for backlund, he was wwe champion for 6 years….he shouldve been in years ago

  24. jth says:

    i’ve been saying luna vachon for years – she definitely did more for women’s wrestling and wrestling in gereral than sunny (not that i have anything against sunny – but she didn’t even wrestle during her not very long stint in the wwf in the first place)

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