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Daily Discussion: Wrestling pay-per-views in 2013

Today’s topic: WWE and TNA have announced their 2013 PPV schedules. TNA is promoting four live PPVs, plus offering taped specials. What is the idea number of PPV offerings in 2013? What about iPPVs?

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  1. Filip says:

    The pro-wrestling world, especially in North America, needs an alternative to WWE and TNA.
    These companies are money-making oriented and their TV product is stale and seemingly irrelevant.

    ROH is financially limited. Their stars are interested in making as much money as possible from the company (not for the company).
    There’s little financial room for significant investments.

    Pro-wrestling needs alternatives to WWE and TNA. More sports and decent, honorable programing, while WWE and TNA can stick to TV entertainment and good PPV action.

  2. Filip says:

    Something like the old NWA tried to do decades ago nation-wide.
    While keeping private competition still active and creative.

  3. kak2sjak says:

    @filip that’s just it! There IS an alternative! CZW is the alternative. It’s not just blood & gore like most people believe. CZW has the best hybrid wrestling in the world. If you don’t believe me, check out New Heights from 2012 w/Sami Callihan v Drake Younger. AR Fox v MASADA is another shining example. Ultraviolent Insanity from Cage of Death 14 was amazing. The Aerial Assault match from March 2012 would put ANY X-division match to shame. Check it out.

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