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Segment and match announced for Monday’s Raw

– The Rock will bring back the Rock Concert on the twentieth anniversary episode of Raw

– Eve will defend the Divas title against Kaitlyn

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  1. Filip says:

    Hope the Shield boys break his guitar over his bald head! :) that’ll be super-fun for Vince’s taste. :(

  2. James says:

    I enjoyed watching CM Punk over the summer last year, but the constant whining about respect and being the best in the world has gotten to me. I don’t think it’s an actual kayfabe thing either. A lot of what he says is actual whining, and I simply could care less. There are people who have been crapped on far worse then he ever was and they don’t say or demand anything.

    CM Punk is a decent wrestler. I’ll give him that, but he couldn’t hold a candle to Steve Austin, Taker, or Rock from the Attitude Era.

  3. BestInTheWorld2013 says:

    @James… dude CM Punk is the best wrestler that WWE has right now… Now that Vince has finally gotten Amrose, & Rollins on TV, maybe adding Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, and Chris Hero to the mix will add something to what RAW and WWE needs and that’s WRESTLING… forget all the gimmicks that have made WWE unwatchable for the past 2 years… Other than Punk there hasn’t been anything about the WWE that I watch.

    As far as Punk not holding a candle to Austin, Taker, or Rock is just stupid… Austin couldn’t wrestler, Taker hasn’t been able to wrestle in 10 years and Rock walked away to be a movie star and is now coming back because Triple H is not wrestling anymore.

    WWE also cant depend on Cena anymore, his gimmick is stale and he needs to turn heel in spite of the PG content. His constant good guy routine is great for the kids but come on, something needs to change.

    @Filip I would love to see The Shield interrupt and destroy the rock and finally set up Punk to give him the GTS at the end of the show. Finally showing the fans it was Punk behind the group to begin with.. maybe even have Daniel Bryan come out and pretend to attack the group only to join them by putting the No Lock on The Rock.

  4. Dave K says:

    Punk is not a great wrestler. A few kicks, knee in corner followed by bulldog, GTS, and a Macho Man elbow. What else can he do? He has the same amount of moves as Cena, Austin, etc. No one works on coming up with new moves once they hit it big. Punk is good on the mic, but in-ring he’s as stale as Cena, etc. That’s why I would rather see the Lucha Libre, the old Cruiserweights, X-Division, or even ROH.

  5. James says:

    I would respond but based on the name of the user, and the content of the post. A discussion would never take place. It would just be a banter between a CM Punk fan and one who doesn’t find him to be the “best.”

    Hint: He’s not the best.

  6. Mighty says:

    @BestinTheWorld2013, bigger points to call Chris Hero “Chris Spradlin” if you are trying to outsmart us with real names.

  7. Buttockski says:

    That cookiepuss chant is crap.

    And i grew up watching The Rock.

    The Punkeye The Crackhead bit was better.
    Chant that instead.

  8. BestinTheWorld2013 says:

    @james…..then who in your opinion is the best WWE has?

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