1/10 WWE NXT Results

Jan 10, 2013 - by staff

We start off this week’s episode of NXT with a recap of the finale of the NXT Title match between champion Seth Rollins and Corey Graves.  Right before Rollins is about to tap out to a submission from Graves, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns interfere and help out their fellow Shield member.  The locker room empties and The Shield hold their own until Big E Langston makes his way out.  This causes Commissioner Dusty Rhodes to make tonight’s main event.  Seth Rollins vs. Big E Langston in a no DQ match for the NXT Title, tonight!

The Wyatt Family vs. Percy Watson and Yoshi Tatsu

Our first match of the night involves the team of Percy Watson and Yoshi Tatsu taking on the Wyatt Family consisting of Luke Harper and Rowan. Bray Wyatt sits on the entrance ramp in his rocking chair watching the match.  Our commentary team starting the night is William Regal and Tom Phillips who strongly put over the control that Bray Wyatt has over his two men. Watson controls most of the match for his team, showing this agility for his size but his offensive flurries were few and over powered quickly. A tag to Tatsu shows his speed against Harper and Rowan but is quickly disposed of by Harper to get the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Paige vs. Emma

Emma, being hailed as the First Diva from Australia takes a strong lead early on working Paige’s left knee. Paige eventually over comes Emma and hits her finisher, the Paige Turner. Very short match in which the fans seemed only interested in Paige herself.

Winner: Paige


Promo for Adrian Neville, the former Pac.  He calls himself “The Man That Gravity Forgot” and when he makes his debut next week, we will all know why.


Primo and Epico vs. Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty

We are given highlights on how this match is set up with McGillicutty saving Bo last week from a two on one attack from Epico and Primo. McGillicutty starts the match for his team and comes out very strong in the ring and with the crowd.  Once Dallas is tagged in however, the match takes a turn with Primo and Epico controlling the bout.  A quick tag to McGillicutty changes the tide again with him cleaning house.  But when Epico and Dallas start battling outside, a distracted McGillicutty is hit with a backstabber and losses the match.

Winners: Primo and Epico


Jim Ross joins the commentary team, replacing Phillips as we get ready for the main event.


NXT Champion Seth Rollins vs. Big E Langston

No entrance music as Rollins enters from the crowd. Ross puts over The Shields fear of Langston from last week. Big E makes his way to the ring and is very over with the crowd. We start the match with Rollins showing his quickness over Langston but Langston over powers him. Once Rollins is throw outside and Langston goes to recover him, Ambrose and Reigns make their way to the ring and The Shield team up on Langston.  They both end up back in the ring with Rollins having the edge at this point.  Rollins wears his down with a multitude of kicks before locking in a triangle hold on Langston.  Big E is able to power out the hold and lift up Rollins into an electric chair drop.  Langston once again has the edge and uses a series of clotheslines to take out Rollins as well as Ambrose and Reigns. Before Langston can hit his finisher he is triple teamed again but the locker room empties out and it is made a one on one battle again.  He finally hits The Big Ending to become the 2nd man to hold the NXT Title. All the faces from the locker room come out to the ring to celebrate with Langston.

Winner and New NXT Champion : Big E Langston


NOTES: This event was taped back in December before Langston was called up to the main roster.

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