Column: 10 Things I Wish Would Have Happened

Jan 10, 2013 - by staff

10 Things I Wish Would Have Happened

by Tom G

Nothing’s perfect. Any wrestling fan knows this to be true. We all are better bookers than the greatest wrestling mind, but damn, no one thinks to listen to us. Here, I present 10 things I wish would have happened that didn’t. If only I controlled the book!

1. Wrestlemania VIII main event

As a slightly younger fan at the time, and a Wrestlemania VIII ticket-holder, the thought of Hulk Hogan finally facing Ric Flair seemed like a can’t-miss main event. Now luckily, Flair vs. Randy Savage turned out to be something special, however something just doesn’t seem right about a giant Hogan vs. Flair showdown having never happened on a WWE PPV. I’m not sure this one needed to be a wrestling classic, just the match itself would have been good fun for a young teen.

2. McMahon accepts Bischoff’s challenge

I knew, I knew. There was no way Vince McMahon was going to show up at Slamboree back in 1998 to answer Eric Bischoff’s challenge to a fight. Something like that wasn’t even in the realm of a possibility. But still, I couldn’t help but imagine Vince crashing a WCW PPV to look Bischoff straight in the face. Would they really fight? Would WCW even let him in the building? Would former WWE stars take Vince’s side? Why would WCW need to use the WWE owner to sell their PPVs? So many questions!

3. WCW (the original) survived

I never turned my back on WWE. Even in the lean years, even when Mantaur graced my TV screen, I watched WWE first. However, I liked there being an alternative. I actually really like WCW Saturday Night pre-Nitro. Having a second big league promotion was good for business and the guys wanting a place to earn a living. I never wanted WCW to be #1, however having them a not-very-distant #2 was a good thing. Two major promotions allowed for more suspense, but also started the trend of fans picking apart ratings, which is hardly exciting.

4. WCW (the WWE-owned) survived

So, WCW was “bought” by Shane McMahon. Again, I could have been delusional, but I thought a new WCW run by the WWE could be pretty cool. Done right, the WWE vs. WCW rivalry could have carried on and become something different and possibly fun. Wrestlemania could have become the true Super Bowl of wrestling. So many possibilities gone wrong. But just think of what could have been.

5. The Hardcore title

One thing that sticks out the most about the Attitude Era to me is the fun of the Hardcore title. Watching a paranoid Crash Holly was good TV. The unpredictability of when the belt would change hands, or who would win it was good fun though probably not great wrestling. I think it might be time to bring the title back to a WWE that is littered with extreme-themed PPVs. The Hardcore title should not have been retired.

6. Sting in WWE

You know how sometimes you get yourself into such a lie you can only keep up with the lie even though everyone knows you’re not telling the truth? You get in so deep you just can’t drop your story? That’s what I think about Sting. He should have made a WWE appearance by now, but with his best days long gone, he must now seem content beating up a bunch on no-names in masks in TNA. Had he come to WWE a few years back, though, a match with the Undertaker, done right, would have been huge. We’ll likely never see Sting in a WWE ring, and that’s just plain too bad. He’ll say he’s fine this way, but one has to think Sting imagines “what if?” constantly.

7. Jeff Hardy wins the title

Of course, Jeff Hardy was a WWE champion. However on July 1, 2002 he faced the Undertaker for the undisputed championship in the main event of Raw in a ladder match several years before he would claim major gold. More then 10 years later, this match still weighs heavy on my mind because I believed at any time Hardy could upset the Undertaker. It was an awesome match, and if up to me, I would have let Hardy take the strap if even until the next Smackdown or Raw. Every now and then seeing the underdog win the big one like this would be huge.

8. Jerry Lawler wins the title

Just like #7, but replace the Undertaker with The Miz and Hardy with Jerry Lawler. The King’s reign could have lasted a week and still been huge. Lawler deserved a cup of coffee with WWE gold. Lawler could have made WWE record books while the Miz became a two-time champ without losing much steam.

9. Wrestlemania VII

As a youngster I was only in on whatever Pro Wrestling Illustrated let me know. So, when WM VII kicked off I expected to see 100,000 fans crowded in the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. I blinked wondering if it was night in L.A. before realizing the big show had been moved to the Sports Arena. Damn war in Iraq. Sure, I got over this, but for some reason I can still picture a blue sky with a packed house and the Hulkster celebrating over a defeated Sgt. Slaughter ending the show.

10. Tough Enough (the original) lasted

What I enjoyed most about the original Tough Enough was the quick behind-the-scene glimpses of WWE we would get to see from time to time. Mix that with entertaining trainers and a chance to see some talented (and some not) young guns compete for a WWE contract and you’ve got a fun little show. I also appreciate this concept as it builds personas immediately. A Tough Enough grappler could move straight to WWE and you knew their story.

Anything you wish would have happened but never did?

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