TNA British Boot Camp Episode 3 recap‏

Jan 9, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank

We open with a recap from the previous two episodes. After the lengthy recap, we see the four at a photoshoot. To quote director Dan Morgan, ‘the girls make it look effortless’. To quote Spud ‘looking sexy 24 hours a day is no problem for me’…..sigh.

We then cut to the airport where the four are catching a plane to Phoenix, Arizona to attend Bound For Glory. Spud took the opportunity for a ‘champions breakfast’ of several Jagermeisters. At the airport in Phoenix, we discover that Spud’s bag is broken and is splilling his stuff everywhere. He gets pretty mad about it, throwing a child-like hissy fit.

Next cut takes us to the Bound For Glory fanfest, where our four are apparently going to be introduced to the crowd. We get a little montage of TNA wrestlers at the event, which actually seems pretty well organised and attended. Christy Hemme is walking past and introduces herself, Scurll gives her a very awkward kiss on the cheek before Spud makes it even more awkward by saying that Scurll has a picture of Hemme on his wall (with accompanying hand gesture that I’m sure most of you can figure out). Hemme makes her excuses and leaves.

The four are introduced to the TNA fans on a makeshift stage. Each cuts a mini-promo over who is going to win (and all of a sudden the wide shots make the event look slightly less well-attended). Spud gets annoyed again because the fans only want pictures with the twins and Scurll.

Next cut takes us to the Hall of Fame. Marty makes Hannah sit next to him (I wonder why…) which upset Holly a little, but she brushed it off. Quick montage sees several TNA wrestlers making their way to the tables. It turned out that Hulk Hogan had arranged for Kurt Angle to sit with our four. Our guys are awestruck, Kurt seems very down to earth and chats to the guys. He seems to get along well with Spud. In a cutaway, Angle gave a little interview claiming that all four had potential.

We cut to backstage after the event where the four meet Dixie Carter, Sting and Hulk Hogan. Once again, the four are awestruck, Spud seems especially enamored by Hogan. The meeting lasts all of 2 minutes before Sting and Hogan wander off. Dixie gave a little pep talk, telling Scurll and Spud to get their heads in the game. In fairness to them, the pair agree that they need to buck up their ideas.

After the ad-break, we’re at another photoshoot. Spud gets bored during the girls’ shoot and does his best to annoy them. After it’s finished, Spud gets annoyed again because the girls took so long in makeup. Next cut takes us outside the Grand Canyon Arena where the four are met by Jeremy Borash. JB escorts them to Dixie Carter’s office, where she tells the four that they have front row seats for Bound For Glory and will be appearing on-camera on the PPV. We get a little backstage tour ending with an empty arena view. Pretty impressive set up actually, granted it’s nowhere near WWE standard, but considering what is reported about TNA from time to time, it looked very professional. We get a little montage of Bound For Glory action before the four appear on camera. The Blossoms are pretty respectful about it, Spud and Scurll make themselves look like dicks, shouting about being number one.

Another cut takes us to Nashville Airport where JB meets the four to escort them to TNA HQ where they are to meet Dixie Carter again. That ends the show somewhat abruptly. The preview for next episode sees the four going out on the town with ‘Cowboy’ James Storm, with yet more drunken antics ensuing.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty disappointed with the show. I was expecting to see wrestling training, behind-the-scenes work, perhaps coaching from TNA superstars, but if the previews are correct, half of the episodes will have been focused on the wrestlers going out and getting drunk. If nothing else, it doesn’t paint a brilliant picture of the wrestling business, if people who go out, get wasted and generally make asses of themselves can rise to the top of the pile. Just my opinion of course, but it’s food for thought.

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