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Daily Discussion: Best wrestling video game

Today’s topic: Ok gamers, give us your thought and opinions on the best wrestling video game of all time.

Yesterday’s discussion – Hogan’s possible return to the ring

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  1. mackdeezy says:

    A lot of people will say it was no mercy for the 64. Or HCTP. I vaguely remember no mercy and never played HCTP. I loved svr1, 2006 and 2007. After that they kinda.sucked until 2011 which i thought was decent. Wwe12 was kinda of mehh but i love 13. I think they fixed 12’s flaws (mostly) and the story mode…. i love it. I remember wcw/nwo thunder was garbage, it was too easy with grapples and i never tried the tna games… i heard they sucked.

    I also loved wwf attitude and warzone. The ecw game i heard sucked.

  2. Jess says:

    Wwf smackdown the 1st one or wcw revenge or no mercy

  3. viper_rko_03 says:

    I like all wrestling games own them all but if i gotta pick one have to say here comes the pain that game made it possible for the smackdown vs raw and wwe series

  4. VDT says:

    Defo Here comes the pain – only recently stopped playing when i got WWE13

  5. Dragon says:


    no doubt

  6. rebel says:

    I’m gonna go with the true classics. Mat Mania, Main Event, Superstars and Wrestlefest in the arcades, Pro Wrestling and Tecmo World Wrestling at home. I also have to mention No Mercy, Revenge, Smackdown 2 and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Wrestling games used to be fun, they didn’t need to be pretty. Now it’s the other way around…

  7. Prince Dann says:

    Here comes the pain, or SvR 2006, because it was the first one with gm mode, and I loved that.

    One thing they should bring back!

  8. Kid Vicious says:

    There is only one game – WWF Wrestlemania. Spread across 2 whole disks of Amiga awesomeness, you’ll wonder how they crammed so much pixelated greatness into only 1MB. With a roster of 3 superstars to choose from (pitiful even for 1991 standards), a whole evening of wrestling mediocrity was guaranteed with this monster of a game. And only for £25.99 or in 10 year old terms, 26 weeks pocket money. Who to pick? Hulk Hogan? Ultimate Warrior? No, lets go with the actually-impossible-to-win-the-game-with British Bulldog. Your first opponent, Mr Perfect. The move set was vast. You could punch. You could kick. And of course you could have a full upper body work out whilst breaking your joystick in grapple mode. Should you manage to out grapple Mr Perfect and figure out how to pin him (a challenge in itself) you move on to The Warlord. Insert Disk 1. Insert Disk 2. No, Disk. 1. Back to Disk 2. Fight! Get through him and Ted DiBiase awaits. Followed by the suspiciously hard to beat Mountie. You’ve done it! You’ve got a shot at the title. Sgt Slaughter is ready for some Boot Camp action. But oh dear, you’ve picked the Bulldog. And Sgt Slaughter knows this. And now he’s hell bent on slapping a Camel Clutch on you for the entirety of the match. He does it as if his pixelated life depends on it. Bell rings. Grapple. Camel Clutch. Energy drained by a third. Release. Grapple before you even know what’s happened. Camel Clutch. Release. Grapple. God damn it, no! Camel Clutch. Crazy joystick moves to get out of it. Energy at zero. 1. 2. 3. It’s over. No rematch for you. Next time pick the Ultimate Warrior you fool!

  9. -J- says:

    Wrestlefest was my fav at the arcade back in the day, finger smashin fun.

  10. 50 shades of gay says:

    Fire pro wrestling returns

  11. Travis says:

    WCW No Mercy Or the Wrestlemania arcade game

  12. rhbd says:

    WCW Revenge, Smackdown HCTP, WWE No Mercy, Wrestlemania 18, WWF Royal Rumble

  13. Alex says:

    WCW vs nWo revenge!

  14. Troy Smirh says:

    wrestlemania 200 and WCW Revenge

  15. Nick A says:

    A toss up between Wrestlefest for the old school and No Mercy for the more modern style.

  16. Boogeyman says:

    Wcw/Nwo no mercy was awesome!!!! But I must say WWE 13 has hit the mark!

  17. sdot says:

    No mercy a classic the best

  18. Thomas says:

    Sym by far

  19. darko22582 says:

    Wwf no mercy – N64
    wwf smackdown 2: KYR – ps1
    wwf wrestlefest – arcade
    wwf smackdown: HCTP – PS2
    wwe ’12 – ps3/360

  20. Mimura` says:

    “Pushes up hipster glasses”
    My Picks would be
    wcw/nWo: Revenge, this is the penultimate wrestling game put out by Aki. Everything that they put out after (WWF Wrestlemania 2000, No Mercy, Def Jam Vendetta, Def Jam Fight for NY, even the Ultimate Muscle games) were just icing on the cake. Honorable mention goes to their Virtual Pro Wrestling series, WCW vs the world for PS, and wcw/nWo: World Tour for paving the way to a stellar game engine!

    Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, this is the ultimate game when it comes to customization.

    WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role, probably for one of the best season modes in wrestling video game history.

    WWE Smackdown Here Comes the pain, great career mode, amazing leap in gameplay, a real high mark in the series.

    WWE ’12. While I’d love to say ’13, ’12 is where it all started.

  21. P b says:

    Super Nintendo had a rad WWF game. Game cube wm18

  22. Bill says:

    FirePro Returns or WWF (WWE) No Mercy.

    FirePro was and still is a cult game with such a huge following. The movesets are great and the ability to tweak almost everything in the game is epic. There’s still forums out there on the web where people post uploads for wrestler ‘edits’/creations.

    No Mercy imo was the best game of its time. Even though the Smackdown series on PSX and PS2 was considered by many to be the best engine of all time with the NJPW engine – No Mercy def had the best replay-ability.

  23. Mimura` says:

    Heck no! WM X8 was abysmal! WM 19 on the other hand was amazing. Shoulda made mention of WM 19, Day of Reckoning 1, and Day of Reckoning 2!
    SNES had RAW, which was pretty sweet, and it was a huge step up compared to Super Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble.

  24. steve says:

    WWF Microleague wrestling. The only reason I think anyone bought a Commodore 64!

  25. P b says:

    @mimura. You are right it was wm19. Wcw vs the world was cool on ps.

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