WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 1/5/13

Jan 5, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 1/5/13


A video package was shown highlighting the trials and tribulations of Team Hell No followed by an interview with the duo. Natalya asks them how they feel about being in singles competition this morning. Bryan says he will be watching and cheering on Kane and asks if he will do the same. Kane says, maybe.


-Kane vs. Jinder Mahal w/ Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre


Kane hip tosses Mahal from the apron into the ring and follows up with a snap mare and a running drop kick. Kane hits a pair of running clotheslines in the corner and hits a sidewalk slam. Mahal rolls to the floor and gets some advice from McIntyre and Slater.


All three members of 3MB get on the apron and surround Kane until Daniel Bryan heads to the ring to lend a helping hand. The referee regains control of the action and Kane levels Mahal with a clothesline from the top rope for the win.


Winner: Kane


Don’t Try This at School, Home or Anywhere PSA from Daniel Bryan.


-Daniel Bryan w/ Kane vs. Heath Slater w/ Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre


Slater drops Bryan with a shoulder tackle and gets caught running off the ropes with a knee to the gut. Bryan follows up with a kick to the head and a knee drop for a two count. Slater gets hit with a drop kick that sends him in the corner. Bryan challenges Slater to a test of strength and Slater obliges only to get in a cheap shot and some clubbing blows to the back of Bryan.


Daniel Bryan regains control and gets Slater in a surf board submission and is forced to break the hold and he starts raking the eyes. Bryan works over Slater’s arm with a series of arm ringers and sends Slater into the ropes and nails him with a drop kick to the face for a two count. Bryan charges in but gets back dropped out of the ring for his troubles and Kane makes sure Mahal and McIntyre are kept at bay.


Slater jams his knee into Bryan’s back while extending both of his arms. Bryan hears the roar of the crowd and fights to his feet and reverses with a back slide for a two count. Slater cuts off Bryan with a leg lariat and a couple of knee drops. Slater gives Bryan a pair of hard buckles into the corner and applies a body scissors.


Bryan looks to be in a lot of pain. The referee asks if he wants to give up and Bryan yells “NO” Bryan keeps yelling “NO” as he breaks the hold. Bryan does a back flip off the second turnbuckle, lands behind Slater and hits him with a running clothesline. Bryan hits a running drop kick in the corner and misses a kick to the head and gets rolled up for two. Jinder Mahal gets caught with a forearm from Bryan that knocks him off the apron and Kane charges towards Mahal and McIntyre to stop any further interference. Bryan takes advantage of the confusion and applies the No Lock for the submission.


Winner: Daniel Bryan


Natalya welcomes Damien Sandow to the show to begin her interview segment. Sandow says he is normally a postmeridian superstar but next week he will be an anti-meridian superstar as he cleans up the rubbish on Saturday morning television.


Sandow says his appearance will include a rigorous syllabus of math, science, astronomy, and spelling. Randy Orton interrupts and asks if he knows what RKO spells and would be happy to teach it to him next week. Sandow looks at Natalya and says “That doesn’t spell anything” and walks off.


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