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Daily Discussion: Undertaker’s Wrestlemania opponent

We are starting a new daily feature in 2013 – the daily discussion. We’ll post a topic, and invite your responses.

Today’s topic: Who would you most like to see Undertaker face at Wrestlemania 29? Brock Lesnar? CM Punk? John Cena? Wade Barrett? Or someone else?

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19 Responses

  1. Nick A says:

    Since I assume Wrestlemania will most likely give us Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback and John Cena vs. The Rock, my strong suspicion is that we will see CM Punk vs. Undertaker.

  2. CheapTequila says:

    Since they’re so set on a Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar rematch, and CM Punk, John Cena, and The Rock look to be headed maybe for a triple threat match, why not have Undertaker face The Shield?

    You might say they’re “unworthy” but that’s a stupid excuse. Could also say they’re not believable enough, but were Mark Henry, or Shawn Michaels attempts or even Triple H’s second and third attempt “believable”? No. You Always knew Taker would win, but they were fantastic matches nonetheless.

    A 3-On-1 handicap match would be tricky to pull off but Taker could do it and so could The Shield.

    Imagine them attacking Taker on RAW’s 20th Anniversary show, or at the Royal Rumble Taker returns only to be attacked and destroyed by The Shield. Would make their careers.

  3. Matt says:

    I would be interested in Ryback, Wade Barrett, or maybe even Cena trying to take down the streak, if that’s the direction they go this year. But mostly Ryback or Barrett, because either one of them deserves the push that comes with challenging the streak. Even if they lose, the match against Taker at Mania could be enough to put them over and elevate them to the next level.

  4. Woodsmeizter says:

    I think he should face lesnar this year and cena next year and if he has anything left face a future star the year after and put them over.

  5. MC Live says:

    CM Punk. It’s perfect. You have Undertaker’s 20-0 streak versus hopefully CM Punks like 450 day title reign. Punk hasn’t lost a PPV match since he and Triple H lost at Vengance 2011. That’s a PPV undefeated streak of about 18 months. I say it’s the perfect storm (not Lesnar Triple H which nobody should want to see again) if you have Taker’s streak vs. Punk’s title reign so it’s streak vs. streak. I say give Punk the win. From what I’ve heard Undertaker would like to go out putting someone over, and I say this is how you do it. He loses to Punk, which pretty much locks up Punk’s candidacy for WWE Hall of Fame, and make it the last match on the card for Undertaker’s last match, and it would elevate the WWE Championship back to the absolute top prize in the company. If the streak is out of the way than the WWE Champiomshsip is where it belongs, above everything else. Besides Punk, I think John Cena is the only other guy credible enough to end the streak, and I can just hear the keyboard warriors bitching and moaning about that if that would ever happen. I say Rock Brock II cause I don’t wanna see Cena Rock Twice in a Lifetime or Brock Tripple H two, pawn Cena off on somebody else, and then Punk Undertaker in what should e a great story telling wrestling match to provide one hell of a WrestleMania moment.

  6. Kid Vicious says:

    You know, I’d go for someone like Cody Rhodes / Wade Barratt / Dolph Ziggler. Someone on the brink of the main event. Someone that’ll likely be there for the long haul and is given the chance to shine at the Big One.

    I’d write it something like this:
    Undertaker comes out to tell us he’ll be back next week to announce his Wrestlemania opponent. Yay! Cody / Wade / Dolph music hits. “Lemme guess Mark. You’re going to take on yet another nobody or has been to protect that zero you got? You’ve never taken on a real threat have you? I look at the list of your victims. Where’s the Ultimate Warrior? Where’s Hulk Hogan? Where’s Bret Hart? Where’s Steve Austin? Where’s The Rock? Where’s Kurt Angle? Face it Mark, if you got into the ring with any of these guys, you would’ve been a lamb to the slaughter. Your streak is just a who’s who of mediocrity. So rather than throwing the gauntlet down to HHH, or don’t tell me, Kane again, why don’t you take on a man that is a genuine threat to that zero. Take me on!

  7. willie says:

    wont be lesnar, probly fighting H, more than likely cena-rock again, barret? good, but not to the level yet, punk is really only one left, but orton would be good to, bring back legend killer.

  8. VDT says:

    You could have Hell No loss the titles. Bryan blames Kane for the defeat and goes crazy with a chair seriously injuring Kane forcing him to retire

    A proper attitude era Chair beating, where it starts off at a ring side with chair shots all the to the back making its way the car park! Kane a bloody mess struggling to stand then SLAM, Bryan hits him with a car pinning him to wall then carries on with a chair, maybe gets knee capped with a slegde hammer! Something like that!

    so Kane gets his brother in to get his revenge!

  9. Zach says:

    @ Kid Vicious that would be a good heel promo but the list he has is a who’s who of wrestling Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, King Kong Bundy, Kane, Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Batista, Edge and Shawn Michaels to name a few. That list isn’t shabby at all.

  10. Travis says:

    Lesnar v taker! Sell tickets people. Remember bricks UFC fight a while ago and in the crowd. Taker asked Brock if we are gonna do this. The pub that generated. Or Cena v taker. Or have taker win rumble and face Rock for the strap at mania. Any of these 3 scenarios would be epic

  11. Prince Dann says:

    I’d like to see John Cena and Undertaker at WM, with Undertaker going over.

    Undertaker retires afterwards.

    Cena couldn’t get the job done, that eats away at him, and he will never get another chance to try again. Slow heel turn, because he failed.

    Could be a perfect end to Undertakers career.
    And a perfect way to end a stale character, and turn Cena heel, like everybody wants.

  12. Filip says:

    I would prefer to keep the streak undefeated until next year – WrestleMania 30th anniversary. I would prefer to end the streak to someone like SHEAMUS.

  13. Josh says:

    The undertaker has already chosen his opponent for wrestle mania , because if he wants to retire and the streak ends… The built up is for John Cena or cm punk. I honestly think that Punk needs to face the Rock for the wee title at Mania. John cena needs that career defining match and the only choice is the undertaker match.

  14. raven12516 says:

    The Streak is kind of like a Hall of Fame in of itself. That’s jut my opinion.

  15. Science & Violence says:

    Kane & Undertaker: The Brothers of Destruction vs. Darren Young & John Cena: The Brothaz of Separate Mothaz

  16. Nathaniel Coward says:

    Y not have The Undertaker vs Rock. Last year they claimed it was The End of An Era well y not prove them wrong & have the match. The last couple times they fought were good matches. They have not faught a bunch of times like taker & HHH, HBK, Kane, Big Show.

    2nd they should have Cena Vs Brock Lesnar 2, but this time let Lesnar take Out WWE’s cash crop John Cena.

    3rd Have CM Punk face the Royal Rumble winner & Let it be someone that hasn’t won & someone that’s not a main eventer, someone like Kofi Kingston, Ceasaro, Wade Barrett, etc.

    4th Let Big Show either defend the World Heavyweight Championship or lose it at Royal Rumble by facing either Shamus or Randy Orton, win or lose have the winner beaten & worn out after the match so Dolph Ziggler can cash in & win the title. Ziggler should face Shamus or Randy Orton or have a Fatal 4 way including Big Show.

  17. Jason says:

    Why is letting Taker retire undefeated out of the question? It’s a piece of who he is and to take that away seems like taking the venom out of snake. I know the idea is to give someone else a shot and credibility but just facing him at WM is enough to give that credibility.

  18. Alex says:

    ok you have to face the Undertaker
    1)CM Punk:Punk would be a good thing because he can build it way much better then anyone in the company and if he still has the title it be a great story match for the Undertaker to try to win the WWE title.
    2)Wade Barrett: Barrett if they give him better story lines to work with would be tied with punk. Because He is the Future of this company and if you remember back the story line between the Undertaker & Kane, remember what Barrett did to the Undertaker when Barrett did his finisher (Wasteland). Throw that in the mix and you have something to work with from there.

    ***If they put Cena,Ryback to face the Undertaker, I will throw my Flat screen out the window***

  19. Wrestlings Future says:

    The only person who is credible and respectable enough to beat Taker is Sting…

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