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The Rock to wrestle at the Elimination Chamber PPV?

The Elimination Chamber 2013 pay-per-view poster features an interesting choice of wrestlers inside the giant cage. Scheduled to take place from New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 17, the poster has Sheamus, Ryback, Big Show, John Cena, CM Punk and The Rock all digitally inserted in the Chamber. The Rock has been rumored to be part of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view leading up to his WrestleMania match however the poster suggests that all six of them will be part of one of the two Chamber main events. Usually the pay-per-view features two Elimination Chamber main events, one which will determine the number one contender for either the WWE or World title depending on which title the Rumble winner goes for and the other is a title defense.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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  1. James says:

    No stop it! I don’t want to pay for WWE PPV.

  2. Alex says:

    It didn’t include Dolph Ziggler, maybe he cashes in within the next couple of weeks putting the Smackdown version of the Elimination Chamber for the #1 Contender spot. It would allow Dolph to main event WrestleMania and would explain why both Big Show & Sheamus are in it.

    My best guess: Mark Henry comes back soon and puts down Big Show, leading to Dolph cashing in and winning the title.

  3. RAW 1000 says:

    Wrestlemania hopes:

    Undertaker Vs Ryback ( i would like to see him as a heel) could be like the Taker Vs Batista matches.

    The Rock Vs CM Punk Vs Brock Lesnar
    WWE Title

    John Cena Vs Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler
    WHC Title

    IC Title
    Wade Barrett Vs Kofi Kingston

    No DQ Tag Team Elimination Match:
    Team Hell No Vs Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel Vs The Uso’s Vs The Prime Time Players Vs Rhodes Scholars Vs New Age Outlaws

    Ladder Match
    Rey Mysterio Vs Sin Cara

    Big Show Vs Mark Henry Vs Sheamus
    No 1 Contendership Match

    The Shield Vs Triple H, Batista or just any random unlikely team really.

    Us Title Match:
    Antonio Cesaro Vs A Decent Face Opponent maybe a new guy/old guy like Shelton Benjamin

  4. Carlito Compton Cool says:

    Sheamus was on the poster solo last year and I don’t believe he even had a match, so who’s on the poster means squat.

  5. Todd says:




  6. Craptacular says:

    For me all the posters means nothing but an audience catcher … so the Rock can be inside a chamber OR can be a guest of the RAW chamber for the Nº1 contender spot… BECAUSE THE ROCK IS GOING TO WIN AT THE RUMBLE WITHOUT DOUBTS!!!

  7. Alex says:

    Maybe The Rock winning is what WWE wants us to believe. For all we know he’ll win at the chamber or even only be #1 contender only to lose at WrestleMania.

  8. FlairFans says:

    Perhaps they can pit Cesaro vs Ric Flair

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