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ROH Weekly TV Show 12/29/12




The weekly TV show is a year end wrap up for ROH. This week we will find out the Match of the Year here in ROH.  Kevin Kelly is our host and he brings up the early year battle between the Briscoes and The House of Truth.  This battle cumlinated with The Briscoes and their father Papa Briscoe vs The House of Truth.  This match was great with the Briscoes able to work with thier papa.  Truth Martini was the weak link for the House of Truth leaving Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong left to carry the load.  Great match with Papa Briscoe hitting a stunner for the win.

We then look back at No Fear Mike Mondo and his horrible ankle injury he suffered against the Prodigy Mike Bennett.  What is really amazing is that after this injury he still jumped from the top of the entrance ramp.  Amazing.  In honor of Mondo we look at a ROH World Title Match with Champion Kevin Steen vs Mike Mondo from back in July.  This match has a highlight of Steen powerbombing Mondo through the barracade and Mondo answering the 20 count to get back in the ring!!!  This match was a 5 start match with some huge spots.  You need to check it out.  Mondo gave it all he had, but he came up short with Steen finishing him off.  Steen defended and is still defending now.

We now look back at the change of Jay Lethal.  Jim Cornette told Lethal he did not know if he had what it took to face Kevin Steen.  But through many hard matches and dark moments Lethal got his match for the World title in his hometown of Raway, NJ.  It was in this match the Kevin Steen spit on Lethal’s parents and make Lethal snap attacking Jim Cornette.  Lethal was disciplined and to settle with Steen ROH made an agreement with him that he would never have to wrestle Jay Lethal again.  But at Survival of the Fittest Lethal beat Davey Richards to earn a World Title shot.  He can not cash it in until Steen drops the belt.

And now we have the ROH Match of the Year………



Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin

This was a World Title defense for Richards that was a battle.  If you have not seen this match find it and do it.  Go to and order this ppv, now.  A few high points in this match is a vertical suplex help by Elgin that lasts over 45 seconds.  And a Dragon suplex from the top rope that almost kills Elgin.  When he gets up from this he has earned the crowd.    This was the night that made Michael Elgin.  Richards hits back to back double stomps from the top rope that were sick.  There are about 87 other parts to this match, but you just need to see it.  Period.  Please. Elgin did all he could but Richards retains.  Each man earned a victory with the crowd.  Next week we get on to 2013.  See you then folks.

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