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Daily Discussion: Your 2012 Disappointments

We are starting a new daily feature in 2013 – the daily discussion. We’ll post a topic, and invite your responses.

Today’s topic: Your 2012 Low lights. Your most disappointing 2012 moments, angles, debuts, angles, matches, etc.

Yesterday’s discussion – Your 2012 Highlights

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7 Responses

  1. Filip says:

    WWE: disappointments GALORE! Same for TNA! … but we’ve all got used to it by now!

  2. Nic says:


    -The Pay-off for the Anonymous RAW GM being Hornswoggle made zero sense and although it’s slightly better than never finishing that book at all, it was awful.

    – Mae Young gives birth to Hornswoggle. I’m not a Hornswoggle hater, infact i have no issue with comedy sketches either, but this was just car-wreck bad.

    -John Cena’s complete burial of Brock Lesnar after what was a brutal and very good match at Extreme Rules by grabbing a microphone and talking to the crowd ON CAMERA! This snub to Lesnar broke all credibility that their match had gained, after 20mins of the beast Lesnar’s assault of Cena, Cena’s 5move comeback quick win followed by a monologue made Lesnar look weak and FAR from a beast.

    – Lawler’s heart attack live on air was as real as Wrestling gets. Thank the lord he’s ok but that night i remember being so worried for the great man. Scary.

    – Jack Swagger’s burial. He’s hardly Jack Briscoe in the ring or Roddy Piper on the mic but he’s a very solid heel worker with a perhaps outdated gimmick who with the help of a manager to help him on the stick (dont think Vickie is the right fit) he’s capable of plenty. Here’s hoping for a better 2013.

    -The IWC’s bitching about Zack Ryder’s lack of push. Plain and simple. If he spent half as much time working on his in-ring work rather than tweeting we’d have to change his name to Ricky Steamboat he’d be that good. Lift the work-rate Zack and add dimensions to your 2D cookie cutter character and EARN a push. In the meantime IWC, give the rest of us a break. He’s not that amazing.

  3. Prince Dann says:

    The SHINE and SHIMMER promotions not getting more exposure.

    The WWE Divas division, in its entirety.

    The misuse of Tyson Kidd.

    The misuse of Ted DiBiase.

    How quickly Tensai and Clay went from dominant heel/face respectively, to jobbers.

    That certain people still hate TNA, and won’t give it a chance despite how much they moan about WWE, yet they bitch and moan about TNA on almost every post.

    Finding out Layla is 35!

  4. zach says:

    1. The early passing of a great brawler and all around good guy, R.I.P Marvin “Brain Damage” Lambert

    2. A Double dropping the TNA World Title/ Bully Ray not winning it

    3. Justin Credible/Sandman performances at the Extreme Reunion

    4. Daniel Bryan dropping the title

    5. Aces and 8’s only unmasking two members

  5. MC Live says:

    TNA. Done.

  6. Zach says:

    MC Live you forgot the stale programming of ROH

  7. david r. says:

    Hmm…in TNA, I’d say the Claire Lynch storyline, not pushing James Storm or at least having him beat Roode for the title for some real revenge, bringing in Joey Ryan…I guess Daniels not being in the world title picture was disappointing too.

    WWE…Brodus and Tensai not making the impact (no TNA pun intended) to be pushed, Zack Ryders whole year, not having Y2J stay a bit longer or have his face turn last longer, the tag teams returning, only to fall back to the wayside.

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