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Daily Discussion: Your 2012 Highlights

We are starting a new daily feature in 2013 – the daily discussion. We’ll post a topic, and invite your responses.

Today’s topic: Your 2012 highlights. Your favorite 2012 moments, angles, debuts, matches, etc.

Yesterday’s discussion – Your 2013 Predictions

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4 Responses

  1. Filip says:

    To name a few good things in 2012:
    WWE – Solid feud between BIG SHOW and SHEAMUS. Solid match at SummerSlam with HHH vs. BROCK. … a few other solid matches.

    TNA – putting the big belt on Austin Aries at DX in match with Bobby Roode, keeping it with Aries at Hardcore Justice.
    Solid match at Sacrifice ANGLE vs. AJ STYLES. Solid match ANGLE vs. SAMOA JOE at DX.

    ROH, NJPW – continuity and solid matches.

  2. Prince Dann says:

    Triple H vs Undertaker at WM
    Kane returning with mask.
    Anything involving Eric Young and ODB.
    Tara having another title reign.
    Team Hell Nos anger management class.
    Jillian Halls indie matches.
    Lita defeats Heath Slater.
    John Cena not holding a championship.
    Kelly Kelly disappearing.
    Big Show having a respectable title reign.
    Stephanie attacking Paul Heyman.
    Gail Kims title reign.
    Bobby Roodes title reign.
    CM Punks title reign.
    Dolph being pushed, albeit eslowly.
    Sara del Ray being signed.
    Cody Rhodes mustache, obviously.

  3. Phil says:

    I thought 2012 was a great year for pro wrestling !
    Besides the great matches we had the returns of Brock Lesnar & Vader , as well as the Impact debut of Christian York!

  4. Prince Dann says:

    Oh yeah Christian York!
    Should have remembered to add that to my list.

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