TNA British Boot Camp Notes/Recap‏

Jan 1, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Episode 1

The four participants are introduced at a TNA fan-fest in London. Marty Scurll and The Blossom Twins received minimal reception, but Rockstar Spud got a massive pop

The four were advised to go home and get an early night in time for training tomorrow, but decided to have a night out in London instead. Predictably, this didn’t end well. Spud and Scurll came to blows, causing Spud to leave the group temporarily. A particularly pathetic moment saw the pair arguing over who had more Twitter followers.

This night out took up pretty much the entire first episode. We closed with Scurll, The Blossoms and a visibly hungover Spud standing in an industrial estate as a limo pulled up in front of them. The voiceover announced that the man in the limo would serve as their trainer for the next episode. Out stepped UK legend Mark ‘Rollerball’ Rocco (complete with a ‘history lesson’ from an inset Mike Tenay) to end the show

Episode 2

Rocco gives the 4 a quick pep talk and tells them to be in the ring in 10 minutes. A quick cut later sees Scurll and The Blossoms waiting to perform but no sign of Spud. Rocco leaves the facility to find Spud vomiting behind a dumpster, a state that he puts down to last night’s drinking, to Rocco’s obvious disgust. Spud eventually joins the group at the ring

The Blossoms volunteer for sparring first and put on a decent, if basic, show. There were one or two botched moments, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from a sparring session. The ‘match’ came to an abrupt halt when Hannah Blossom landed awkwardly after a missed dropkick, injuring her ankle. To her credit, she carried on after a brief pause. All three men praised their performance, especially that of Hannah.

Next, it was the guys’ turn. For those who don’t know, Scurll and Spud have history. The pair have not got along for many years. Scurll used Spud’s hungover condition to his advantage, barely letting him get a move in. Naturally, this annoyed Spud, who stormed out of the facility again, berating Rocco on his way out for not supporting him. Rocco had to manhandle Spud back into the facility, then took to the ring to face him himself. A montage followed where Rocco appeared to stiff Spud over and over, though it seemed very much set up. The payoff was that Spud had earned the respect of Rocco having not quit despite the onslaught.

Rocco then announced that everyone had impressed him and would be traveling to America for the next stage of their journey. The next two stages were announced as being a promo contest moderated by Jeremy Borash and a test of their interview skills with leading UK wrestling journalist Patrick Lennon

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