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Daily Discussion: Your 2013 Predictions

We are starting a new daily feature – the daily discussion. We’ll post a topic, and invite your responses. An obvious start seeing today is New Year’s Day would be to post your predictions for 2013. Who will be the breakout star in 2013, will TV ratings continue to decline, who will WWE induct into their hall of fame, will Wrestlemania 29 top one million PPV buys, any surprise returns, etc. are possible predictions. Any predictions are welcome, so post away!

By the way, Happy New Year!

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4 Responses

  1. Filip says:

    Well, seeing how RAW on New Year’s Eve ended … A crappy ending to a crappy company product!

    WWE has lost its compass a long time ago. WWE and Vince always had two major options: is it sports/wrestling oriented? or is it entertainment, controversy, scandal, … this kind of stuff? Vince saw easy and big money on the so-called entertainment side and constantly promoted this orientation. WWE right now is mostly about entertainment, circus, carnaval, than it is about the sport of wrestling/even if professional. True, WWE took the sports side to a better level but also suffocated it with non-sense promiscuous TV entertainment. It’s just not worth watching or reading about it anymore.

    Unfortunately, TNA is on the same entertainment side. They’re going way bellow ridiculous and pathetic.

  2. Kerry says:

    I agree with you, Filip. This is why, as a lifelong professional wrestling fan, I prefer Ring Of Honor.

  3. ironFNmaiden says:

    I honestly feel that after the wrestlemania fallout we will start to see two or three new main event title holders get the main spot (when Cena is not busy).

    I think Orton will slip up and eventually be released (not a shot at him, I just kind of see it going that way).

    I think Mysterio will retire (finally)

    WWE might also follow in the steps of TNA and minimize their ppv schedule so as to promote bigger houses and buys with (in theory) a better crafted product.

    Bobby Roode and James Storm will have a classic feud in TNA that will rival some of the greatest feuds of all time.

    Aces and Eights will quickly be dropped (revealed) and all of them will spend a few weeks having meaningless matches before being forgotten.

    ROH will get New York television exposure and boost their numbers, though they will continue to maintain their current size.

    More rumors of Sting and Taker will circulate and we’ll all tune into to argue of them.

    (also…..I have a feeling Ryback might face taker……and I have a feeling they might have him win….)

  4. X says:

    My prediction:
    – Undertaker will NOT appear in this year Wrestlemania.
    – Cena will win the WWE Championship for few months in 2013
    – Will be released from WWE: Mason Ryan, Evan Bourne, Trent Baretta, Alex Riley, JTG
    – Kharma will make a return to WWE
    – WWE Network will be cancelled
    – CM Punk vs Steve Austin will be announced for Wrestlemania 30
    – Big Show will turn face ……. again

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