McCool on Mickie James: Stealing the show, Standing “O” at gorilla, Vince loves LayCool/Piggie‏

Dec 31, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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Stomping Grounds: “Piggie James was the storyline that
brought LayCool to fruition and really started and helped develop our
characters. It was a main storyline that, at the time, started giving
Divas more screen time and longer matches — we even had a huge
celebration. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: I
give every single ounce of credit for that storyline to Mickie.”

Keeping It Professional: “It was tough on everybody, but
obviously tough on Mickie, to say the least. She was the utmost
professional in that situation. She never complained about the
material that was being written. She never bitched, moaned, or tried
to change it or get it shut down. She knew it was business — she knew
it was going to help us.”

Working with The Best: “She was already an incredibly over
babyface, she was a great wrestler — people loved her. She was one of
those people who came in as a heel during the whole ‘psycho/Trish’
thing, but the fans loved her so much that WWE ended up turning her
babyface. I don’t think we could have done that storyline with anybody

Fan Reaction: “We got so much hate from that storyline from
fans. People would send stuff in and we’d just be like: ‘holy moly,
we’re getting genuine hate — but on the other hand, I feel horrible!
What kind of message is this sending out?’ You just have to kind of
remember that it’s just a character on TV. A lot of times people just
forgot that and it’s easy to do.”

The Birth of Piggie James: “It literally got started out of
the clear-blue air. I remember being overseas, and that’s when they
told me at the arena that day that I was going to be singing the ‘Old
McDonald Had a Farm’ little vignette, and I didn’t know what to think.
Honestly? I thought they were joking at first, a rib on me because my
singing is so horrible — so I was already nervous about that. I hid
all day; ‘I can’t believe they’re making me do this — where is this
going?’ I had no idea where the storyline was going to go after that.
During rehearsal that day, I’m literally sitting on the ground by the
ring, like hiding… I felt awful.”

Advance Apology: “There were so many times, time after
time, where we would go up to Mickie and apologize in advance. We’d be
like: ‘this sucks and I’m sorry. Obviously, we didn’t write this. I’m
just sorry… we don’t know what else to say.’ Like I said: she was
always completely cool with it. I’m sure it hurt; things like that do.
Obviously she’s not big — she’s one of the smallest people. There’s
no way anybody thought she was really overweight or ‘Piggie James.’
Again, that was just our stupid, silly LayCool characters that we had.
Like I said: all credit to her. It would have not progressed, gone as
far, or had gotten over like it did if it weren’t for her. I don’t
think any other babyface could have pulled that off.”

What Goes Around..: “I don’t feel like LayCool ever got our
butts handed to us by her enough. I never understood that… it was
like: ‘why isn’t she killing us here? Doing this or doing that?’ I
think the story could have even gone further because the fans, week
after week, wanted her to just embarrass us. At the Rumble we ended up
with birthday cake in our face, and everybody loved that. Here we were
embarrassed by her — that was great!”

A Night To Remember: “During the Piggie James send-off,
LayCool was cutting a promo. Then Maria came, she came, and then she
cut a promo. I remember that she almost made me break character. We
were talking about how dumb Maria was, or something like that, and
Mickie flew off the cuff and said something about: ‘oh, really? We all
saw ‘Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?,’ mmmhmm!’ — I’m looking at
her like: oh, gosh! I wanted to break character so bad! As soon as we
got backstage I told her that she almost got me — almost busted out

Vince’s Angels: “Vince ended up loving the LayCool
character as a result of that storyline. That’s kind of how things
kind of kept happening for us. But, like I said: I give credit to
Mickie James. She was fighting with us to get TV time, to get
pay-per-view matches, to raise the bar… not many people will always
do that. But she did, and I will forever be grateful for that.”

Working With Mickie: “We’ve pulled off some really good
matches together. We always kinda clicked; worked well together. That
always makes it fun inside the ring when you know you can work with
somebody. You can fly off the cuff while you’re in there; you can
improvise. We had some fun. Plus, her finisher was always one of my
most fun ones to take! It was hard and trying at times, but was fun.
She was a true professional and always wanted to do business — what
was best for the business.”

Stealing The Show: “Something to add: the night we smashed
cake in Mickie’s face, during her send-off… she was just brilliant
on her response! That was the point where LayCool finally got to
Mickie James, she just looked humiliated as she ran off in tears.
Nobody else could have done that the way she did it. As we all came
backstage — and very, very rarely does this happen — Vince, Michael
Hayes, and everybody in the gorilla position were standing up and
clapping saying: ‘the girls just stole the show.’ That was a very,
very special moment. I give her all the props in the world. So, thanks
Mickie if you hear this — I really, really appreciate you!”

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