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Update on Evan Bourne

Via Twitter:

If you didn’t know, the Royal Rumble is my personal favorite PPV/match! But no matter how hard I train, my foot will not be ring ready by RR

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  1. havok says:

    jeez what the hell did he do to his foot that hes out this long, and why should he be released

  2. Later Marks says:

    He injured his foot when he crashed his motorcycle. He still has trouble walking. If he wasn’t injured now, he’ll probably would’ve gotten released. He’s the only guy that failed back to back drug tests. He has a lot of heat on him.

  3. Hipnosis says:

    so Evan Bourne’s in the Royal Rumble Match huh? Good for him!

  4. James says:

    Yeah, and the moment he comes back, he fails another drug test, and it’s strike three…YOU’RE OUT!!!

  5. havok says:

    if he does get released and his foot is fully healed, going back to tna could be good for him. hes got some name value now and would be great in the x division

  6. Edward says:

    Whats wrong with pot exactly?!

  7. Kerry says:

    “Whats wrong with pot exactly?!”

    It destroys your brain cells.

  8. ManWhale says:

    how many potheads do you know are really that bad? michael phelps was a pothead, and he’s done things nobody else has come close to. bill clinton was a pothead, every band from the 80s was a pothead. I’d say weed really isn’t that bad.

  9. havok says:

    it destroys brain cells…really….explain how cigarettes and alcohol are better

  10. David says:

    RVD has worked at a top level for years and there is no bigger pothead on the face of the planet.

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