Raw Spoilers for Monday

Dec 29, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE RAW Tapings 12/29/2012 from DOCTA D of Fox Sports 1340 AM’s Wrestling Marks Of Excellence Radio‏:

Superstars taping

Alex Riley beats Mark Chase

Scott Stanford and Matt Stryker arrives

The Uso’s beat The Prime Time Players

Broadus Clay beat Primo

King and Michael Cole arrive for RAW

RAW Tapings


Miz talks about Vickie’s championship challenge where all the champs puts the titles on the line against the opponents of their choosing

John Cena arrives

Miz reminds John about what AJ did to him and Cena informs him about attending the New Years Celebration that Dolph and AJ invited him to later on tonight

Team Rhodes Scholars come out and interrupt Cena who then gives an RGIII reference and the DC crowd of course pops for it Match made right now Cena and Miz fights Rhodes Scholars

Cena and Miz beats Rhodes Scholars

Antonio Cesaro comes out and talks about sightseeing in DC

He chooses Sgt Slaughter as his opponent for US Title match

Sarge is completely bald now

Cesaro beats Slaughter

RAW 2012 DVD being advertised

Ryback vs Shield handicap match later on tonight

In the back, Kane and Bryan upset that they didn’t pick Shield tonight 3MB comes in and they pick Shield instead

Kane and Bryan beats 3MB

CM Punk and Heyman arrive

Punk still in crutches cuts a promo

Punk’s doctor goes over his injury as he shows X-rays on Titan tron

Doctor is not clearing Punk for next weeks title match against Ryback

Out comes VINCE!

Vince states that WWE officials will evaluate Punk instead of Punk’s doctor

Vince goes over why Punk may have been champ for 407 days (Brad Maddox, Shield, etc.)

Heyman is offended by Vince’s accusations

If Punk is not cleared next week, then Ryback faces Paul Heyman in a TLC match for Punk’s title

Sheamus faces Dolph Ziggler with Big E and AJ in his corner

Big E distracts Sheamus as The Shield comes and attacks Sheamus

Sheamus wins by DQ

In the back, Wade confronts Kofi

Kofi faces Wade tonight

In the back, Punk and Heyman discuss next week as Maddox interrupts

Heyman tells Maddox to leave

Eve beats Kaitlyn

Advertised The Rock on the first RAW of the new year

Big Show comes out and challenges Ricardo to World Title match

Show wins by DQ due to ADR interference

Out comes Kofi

Kofi vs Wade for IC title

Wade NEW IC Champ

Shield vs Ryback handicap match

Sheamus comes out to help Ryback

RKO Music

Randy Orton returns helps Ryback and Sheamus cleans house

Shield leaves

Advertised The Rock on Raw in DC April 1 the week before Mania

Dolph, AJ and Big E come back out for New Years Toast

They recap Cena’s year on Titan tron as Dolph wonders why John was Superstar of the year

Cena is called out

Cena comes out and Big E stands in the ramp way

Cena cuts promo on Dolph and AJ

Cena goes back over AJ’s 6 relationships

Shows funny pictures of Dolph and AJ on Titan tron

Cena announces his entry in the Royal Rumble

CRAP Falls on Dolph and AJ


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