12/26 WWE house show results from Detroit

Dec 27, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

The Shield vs Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Kane was a dq or no contest. ( Sorry, I missed the exact finish) All the baby faces in this match were over huge especially Ryback.

Vicki Guerrero came out to announce the main event would be a steel cage match with Ziggler vs Cena.

Brodus Clay beat JTG in a short match. Afterwards Jack Swagger came out and told him that he couldn’t do that again and challenged him to a match. Brodus then pinned Swagger quickly.

Eve pinned Kaitlyn in a Divas title match.

Santino pinned David Otunga.

The New Age Outlaws beat Team Rhode Scholars when Billy Gunn pinned Cody with a fame asser. Lots of Cody’s mustache chants. Outlaws were over big. They did there usual pre match mic work but this time Billy Gunn was acting like he forgot his part and kept starting to copy famous catchphrases from Rock, Austin, etc before finally doing his part.

Zack Ryder pinned Tensai. Throughout the night they were having people vote via twitter on what song the loser of this match would have to sing. The winning song was Rudolph. Tensai acted mad to sing but when he finally did he got into it and tried to legitimately sing. Total comedy segment.

Usos pinned Primetime players with simultaneous top rope splashes and double pinfall.

Miz fought Antonio Cesaro to a double count out in a US title match. Short match but was fun since it was the only match where anybody fought on the outside of the ring. Miz was over with girls and some kids but he was trying too hard and didn’t get the reaction you would expect from a baby face at his level.

Main was supposed to be a steel cage match with John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler but after getting the cage set up they took it down with no explanation. Ziggler then came out and cut a promo saying the cage was built with the same terrible quality as Detroits cars. Vicki Guerrero then came out and made the match a steet fight. It seemed as though the match change was not planned as when Vicki came back out she was wearing jeans and sweater whereas earlier in the night she was dressed up very nice.

Cena then pinned Ziggler in a street fight. Finish came after a ref bump with Ziggler locked in the STF. Big E Langston came out and laid Cena out for a near fall. AJ slapped Cena, then he kissed her. Langston then grabbed Cena and when Ziggler was going to hit Cena he ducked and hit Langston, Cena then hit the AA for the pin.

Very good match. Cena was by far the most over person on the show. Ziggler was amazing and got the crowd in a frenzy. Major heat for him. Both men worked very hard and the crowd loved it. They didn’t do to much until the end to in incorporate the street fight stip. When they finally did they did more than I expected including a couple spots with the steel steps and some chair spots too. Cena even took a chair to the head.

Overall a very good show. I was surprised by how full Joe Louis arena was. I would say for setup they had it was about 80-85% full, maybe more. Sorry if I missed some details early in the show, I was having trouble seeing. Thanks.

Credit: Aaron Ferrante and f4wonline.com

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